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Compro to Feature 3G-enabled IP Cameras and Complete NVR Solutions at Secutech Taipei 2011

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Taipei, Taiwan (April 14, 2011) - Compro Technology, an innovative leader in the design and development of IP surveillance solutions, will present 3G wireless IP video surveillance solutions and introduce a new line of network video recorders aimed for home and SMB users at the upcoming Secutech 2011.

IP Surveillance Products with 3G Wireless Technology

Video surveillance utilizing 3G wireless technology has many advantages. With the 3G wireless connectivity, Compro cameras allows for a lower cabling costs and simpler installation, as deploying 3G wireless cameras does not require building and maintaining network infrastructures or WiFi hotspots. And unlike installing cameras with WiFi or wired Internet connection, the installation site of 3G cameras is not subject to the availability of WiFi hotpots or Ethernet ports.

3G-enabled Compro IP Cameras

Compro believe 3G cameras offers true flexibility in terms of installation site and mobility which bring a new dimension to the surveillance market. Therefore, Compro will be introducing 3G enabled indoor box and outdoor bullet cameras.  Compro indoor box camera features VGA resolution, H.264, D/N, etc., and the new 3G capability will help get rid of cluttered cables and make relocation of the camera, whenever necessary, relatively easy.

Compro outdoor bullet camera is also getting the 3G treatment. The added 3G support means the outdoor bullet camera can be conveniently installed in locations where network cabling is too difficult, expensive, or invasive to install, or where WiFi signals are not accessible, such as beaches, temporary venues, ancient buildings, etc. That said, 3G capability will make the VGA, H.264, D/N network bullet camera even better suited for outdoor use.

3G-enabled Compro Video Server

Compro 4-channel D1 video server will also undergo a 3G make over. The video server supports 4-CH H.264 encoding at full D1 resolution and at a total of 120 FPS. The wide-area coverage of 3G networks make server ideal for applications in mobility surveillance. In the case of public transportation, bus companies can outfit their fleets with analog cameras and a 3G-enabled video server to provide real-time mobility surveillance. The video server can record and locally store video evidence of road accidents or unruly passenger behavior later used for distinguishing responsibility. In all, by adding the 3G support, Compro's offerings of IP surveillance solutions will become more flexible than ever.

RS-3216 is a 16-CH Windows-based 2U rackmount network video recorder. It comes embedded with Windows system and the 16-CH version of ComproView Premium, an advanced video management system with intelligent video analytics that can detect intrusion, tampering attempts, and trip-wires. Additionally, the NVR has a web client for remote viewing and playback. Targeted at SMB users and surveillance projects, RS-3216 is expected to hit the market in the third quarter.