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Compro to Showcase smartConnect Video Surveillance Technology Aimed for Home and Business Users at ISC West 2011

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2011 marks the second year of Compro's attendance at the ISC West show. Today, we are giving you a preview of one of Compro's major themes at the ISC West 2011 -- smartConnect technology, featured on Compro IP series network cameras.

Why smartConnect?

One of the key obstacles to the wide-spread adoption of IP-based surveillance camera system is the often complex and difficult-to-manage network routing issue. Over the years, home and SMB (small and medium businesses) users have been demanding an easy-to-use solution that requires no router configuration. The smartConnect technology is Compro's answer to consumers who want an IP camera that simply works out of box. The technology adopts an intelligent networking engine powered by Seedonk to eliminate the complicated router configurations for good and provides consumers with simple plug-and-play camera setup. So whenever they buy a Compro IP camera with smartConnect, they can simply connect the cables, installs the software, and immediately the camera kicks in and starts providing anytime, anywhere surveillance.

Technology Advantages

Compro smartConnect technology is built on a versatile Seedonk platform which comprises Seedonk IM client, Seedonk mobile client, and Seedonk web client, all of which help Compro IP cameras stand out from the pack. The Seedonk IM client works like an instant messenger and lets users use one master ID/password to log on to and manage multiple cameras, saving them the hassle of remembering every camera's IP address. The Seedonk web client works on all popular web browsers on the market. The Seedonk iPhone and Android app bring consumers a unique mobile monitoring experience at no additional cost. Furthermore, as the technology uses a cloud server to facilitate the connection and viewing of IP cameras, many cloud-based surveillance applications are in the realm of possibility. The technology's proprietary communication protocol and data encryption support also makes it highly secure and reliable.      

Practical Applications

Compro IP cameras with smartConnect offer a sea of viable real-world applications. They can secure properties and communities, record and broadcast life's important moments, bridge the communication between people, and help companies attract more business.

For instance, smartConnect can be transformed into a powerful car theft prevention tool. How? The ease to use of smartConnect cameras lets car owners effortlessly set up cameras and remotely monitor their garage 24/7. Parents can also use the technology to keep an eye on their teen drivers. When a teenager gets on the road, the onboard Compro IP camera, when equipped with 3G connectivity, can live feed the interior view of the vehicle to the parents' smartphone. And in case anything unexpected happens, the camera can capture high-quality video evidence later used to distinguish responsibility.

SmartConnect can also be a convenient tool to share our joyful moments with loved ones. Got family members or friends who cannot be at your wedding? The technology allows you to set up a wireless camera with ease and broadcast the wedding on the Internet. With a simple mouse click, your relatives, friends, and Facebook buddies the world over can watch you walk down the aisle with that blissful look on your face.

The technology can also no doubt be used to promote business for companies. For examples, a restaurant can easily set up cameras using smartConnect and let frequent diners check whether their favorite seat is still available. A beauty salon can use the technology to stream the video of fabulous hair stylist working magic on customers on its website. A parking lot owner can set up smartConnect cameras to let customers look for available spot in advance and then let them monitor their car on smartphones while they are shopping. Still, the technology has much untapped potential and countless new applications are waiting to be discovered.

Future Cloud-based Service

Since the technology utilizes a cloud server, there are numerous cloud-based, value-added surveillance applications in the future. Amid them, the cloud-based Seedonk DVR is currently in the making. The cloud-based DVR will offer motion-triggered recording, storage and retrieval of video recordings, multi-channel playback, etc, (with a service charge). The DVR will bring great flexibility and scalability for home and SMB users. Finally, given the impressive set of features, Compro smartConnect solution is something you won't want to miss at the 2011 ISC West.    

About Compro

Compro Technology, Inc. has been an innovative leader in the design and development of consumer and industrial imaging applications since 1988. Compro Security offers workable and affordable H.264-compressed, high-definition (HD) network cameras, intelligent surveillance systems, a variety of system integration devices, technical know-how, and much more. For complete product and corporate information, please visit www.comprousa.com/en/surveillance or write to security@comprousa.com.