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Teufel’s Stereo Offensive

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Berlin, Germany 2nd September 2010: Teufel, Europe's leading direct seller of audio hardware and loudspeaker systems, is proud to be announcing three stunning new additions to its stereo line-up at the Consumer Electronics Unlimited (IFA) trade show in its home city of Berlin.

Teufel’s philosophy is simple – offer powerful, quality loudspeakers at small prices directly from the manufacturer. And in developing the T-Series, Teufel has ensured that its mantra continues. The T 300, T 400 and T 500 speaker models offer both music enthusiasts and those looking for a quality entry into the world of home audio three options for substantially improving MP3, CD or record playback.

T 300 – Shelf-standing speakers with 120w capacity
Fans of shelf speakers are sure to find what they're looking for in the T 300: they can enjoy massive improvements to stereo sound quality for just £238.00 per pair. The speakers' practical shelf format makes for an easy setup and flexible configuration: wall mounting, use of optional speaker stands or direct placement in a shelf.

With 120 watts of maximum capacity compressed into a 34 cm tall enclosure, it’s hard to imagine how such quality sound has been squeezed into a more compact package – until you hear the result! The T 300 is available in a stylish colour combination of wenge and glossy black veneer.

T 400 – Slender floor-standing speakers with four drivers and 180w capacity
More advanced home stereo fans are sure to find their dream speakers in the T 400. These slender standing speakers are a stately 95 cm tall and house four entire chassis constructed using a three-way principle. Two long-throw 13 cm Kevlar bass drivers deliver a solid bass foundation, while another 13 cm driver renders voices with clarity and dynamism. A 28 mm fabric calotte tweeter rounds off the sound with higher frequencies. With 180 watts of maximum capacity, these speakers have the solid reserve of levels necessary for combination with any number of stereo amplifiers. Price per pair: £448.00. Available in black with a high-gloss front plate.

T 500 – Heavyweight floor-standers with 220w capacity and superior sound quality
The T 500 model occupies the peak position of this musical trinity. At  £568.00 per pair, it delivers superior levels of acoustic and visual pleasure. Weighing in at 26 kg and with an overall height of 105 cm, these speakers offer 220 watts of maximum capacity. The same applies to their configuration: A total of three 17 cm chassis (two bass drivers and one mid-range driver) and a 28 mm fabric calotte tweeter. Use of this time-tested three-way principle guarantees unadulterated musical rendering, and these standing speakers feature enclosures with timeless wenge visuals and front plates in glossy black veneer.
8 week return period and an incredible 12 year guarantee!

Teufel offers an 8-week right-of-return period on all its products. Buy direct, audition in the comfort and acoustic reference of your own home and, if you’re not entirely happy or would like to try an alternative system, you can return them for a full refund. Blown away by Teufel sound? Enjoy 12 years of peace of mind thanks to Teufel’s generous 12 year guarantee. Teufel truly believes that its systems will provide you with stunning sound for years to come.