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Teufel ControlStation 2

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Berlin, Germany 17th June 2010: Teufel, Europe's leading direct seller of audio hardware and loudspeaker systems, is pleased to announce the launch of its ControlStation 2 switching preamplifier.

This compact box is designed to eliminate cable-swapping between your computer and your iPod, games console, TV or any other device used in the same vicinity. Its as simple as it is effective, offering a 5.1 input and two stereo inputs as well as a headphone socket and microphone pass-through.

So while everythings tucked away under your desk, the ControlStation 2 offers a single, desk-based hub for all your audio devices, feeding their outputs through to a single active speaker set.

The Aux 1 input provides six RCA connections for a decoded surround signal from your PCs soundcard. A switch provides support for both 5.0 and 5.1 systems, as well as a 0dB/+10dB subwoofer boost switch. Stereo signals through Aux 2 and Aux 3 are automatically upmixed to 5 speakers via the ControlStation 2s internal matrix for a 5-channel distributed stereo effect. For pure stereo listening, a pure button enables pass-through to the front left and right channels only.

Inputs can be switched via the included slimline infra-red remote control, which also offers volume controls, mute and pure mode.

The ControlStation 2 is available now from Teufel's new international webshop, www.teufelaudio.com priced separately at 69. While the device will enhance multimedia systems from any manufacturer, significant discount can be gained from buying the ControlStation 2 as part of a bundle with the Teufel Concept E 100 or Concept E 200 5.1 multimedia surround systems. The Concept E 100 Control and Concept E 200 Control sets are available for 189 and 219 respectively.

For more advanced systems, the Teufel Decoderstation 5 is available for 149, integrating a Dolby Digital/ProLogic/DTS decoder and four optical and coaxial inputs.