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Teufel System 5

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Berlin, Germany 11th June, 2010: Teufel, Europe's leading direct seller of audio hardware and loudspeaker systems, is pleased to announce the launch of its System 5 5.1 home cinema speaker set.

The System 5 is based on the successful System 5 THX Select 2 system, the first surround sound speaker set to be certified to THX's stringent THX Select 2 standards. This standard requires a strict, continuous subwoofer output of 105dB at a minimum frequency of 25Hz at the -3dB point; a requirement Teufel was able to achieve by employing two separate 300mm subwoofer cabinets.

Uncompromising quality

For customers requiring a THX-certified system and with the space to install two subwoofer cabinets, the System 5 THX Ultra 2 provides the ideal package. However, many customers' requirements are not as strict as THX's, nor do their living rooms cater for two subwoofers. It is for this reason that Teufel has created the System 5 - a perfect equilibrium between uncompromising sound quality, ergonomics and economics.

"Many of our customers want the THX Select 2 experience, but their homes or budget can't support the extra space required for these systems," explains Teufel's Florian Szigat. "At Teufel we don't like to limit the experience our customers can have - in offering the System 5, users can have close to the full THX Select 2 experience without the added cost or space considerations of a second subwoofer."

The System 5 is identical to its THX Select 2-approved sibling in many ways – the main difference being its employment of a single subwoofer unit. The three front satellites are S 500 FCR THX Select 2-certified speakers - these highly responsive cabinets use newly developed flat-diaphragm technology in their midrange drivers, free of phase shifts generated by conventional cone drivers. This reduces distortion dramatically.

A carefully-engineered front baffle design improves overall sound radiation, meaning listeners can enjoy the full range of frequencies even when not seated in the acoustic "sweet spot". An extremely responsive speaker, the S 500 FCR is rated for efficiency at an excellent 91dB/w/m; put simply, AV receivers don't need to be turned up as high, and therefore use less power overall, saving electricity. And if listeners do decide to turn their receiver up, they'll enjoy enormous volume outputs compared to their old speaker system.

Cinema-standard dipoles

Bringing up the rear are two S 50D dipole speakers, designed to be wall mounted for a true cinema experience. By projecting sound in two directions, these dipoles create a stunningly diffuse sound field that truly envelops the user into the film they're watching.

Finally, a single S 5000 SW subwoofer provides perfectly matched bass via its 300mm neodymium woofer. Its downwards-firing configuration creates bass sound that is diffused across the floor, further enveloping the listener in an all-encompassing surround field. While two subwoofers are required to meet the THX Select 2 certification, a single S 5000 SW subwoofer provides the System 5 with more than enough power to fill rooms up to 35 square metres at very high volumes.

The Teufel System 5 is available now from Teufel's new international webshop, www.teufelaudio.com priced at £899. A "Concert 5.1" version is available for £999 using five S 500 FCR speakers for users who are unable to wall-mount dipole speakers in their listening environment.