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Panasonic bring first Freeview HD & Freesat HD-capable TV to market

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First to bring Freesat HD TVs to the market, Panasonic will also be the first to deliver a Full HD TV with both Freeview HD and Freesat HD tuners to the high street with a 42” plasma TV, (TX-P42G20B), providing you with a convenient, subscription free way* of watching the summer of sport, as well as your favourite soaps, dramas and documentaries in full HD glory.

This stylish and desirable plasma, featuring both a DVB-S tuner for Freesat HD and a DVB-T2 tuner for Freeview HD,  boasts a host of features to deliver outstanding moving picture resolution and beautiful colour reproduction together with Networking features, brilliant sound and easy operation, giving you the optimum HD viewing experience wherever you are in the UK.

The G20 Series is part of Panasonic’s new line-up of Viera plasma TVs featuring NeoPDP technology which dramatically improves basic image quality – for example, it boosts contrast and provides smoother motion images and includes innovative 600Hz Sub-field Drive technology. These sets are also THX Certified, meaning that they meet the industry's most rigorous performance standards. They reproduce images exactly as the filmmaker intended -- in natural, vibrant cinematic colour.

Plus improved network functions make it possible to use the TV in a variety of fun ways. VIERA CAST, a function that lets you view Internet content in your living room, has been enhanced by the addition of new content. Skype ready functionality means that connecting an optional camera to your large screen TV will let you make free video calls to other Skype users**. A new video-on-demand service supplied by Acetrax will allow you to rent or buy a variety of Blockbuster movies directly streamed to your TV**. These new plasma TVs also allow interactive viewing of Internet content such as YouTube, Picasa, Eurosport or DailyMotion without a personal computer.

The G20 series models come equipped with two USB ports and are Wi-Fi ready, by using an optional dongle for wireless access. Motion and still images, video and music stored on a PC can be viewed on the TV by copying them onto a USB memory device, an SD Card, or streamed directly through your home network.. The USB port also allows free HD or SD TV content to be recorded to an external hard disk drive.

The new Panasonic Viera plasma TV 2010 line-up with smart networking functions that improve user ease and convenience, deliver a spectacular new viewing experience to the home.

 *Following a one off installation payment for Freesat services whereas for Freeview HD you will need to ensure coverage is available in your local area.
** Availability Summer 2010