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Panasonic 2010 VIERA Flat-Panel TV Line-up Delivers a Thrilling New Viewing Experience

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Munich, Germany (February 15, 2010) – Panasonic has recently announced the launch of its VIERA series of flat-panel plasma and LCD TVs for 2010. The new VIERA models have evolved from last year's models, highlighted by 3D TVs that deliver a spectacular new viewing experience to the home. The new line-up includes five plasma TV series (including one Full HD 3D series) and eight LCD TV series (three of them with LED backlighting technology). Combining superior performance with attractive functions, the new models offer the exceptional image quality VIERA is renowned for, along with economical operation made possible by panels that boost luminous efficiency and smart networking functions that improve user ease and convenience.  

Drawing on Panasonic's latest, most advanced NeoPDP technology, new VIERA plasma models boast higher efficiency, better image quality and lower power consumption than their predecessors. They incorporate newly developed panels that use a new filter, new discharge gas, improved phosphor, and redesigned cell structure. The new NeoPDP technology dramatically improves basic image quality – for example, it boosts contrast and provides smoother motion images thanks to the innovative 600Hz Sub-field Drive technology. In addition, high-speed drive technology drastically cuts the time it takes for the light emission to reach peak brightness, and a new phosphor shortens afterglow time by about one-thirds, thus making NeoPDP ideal for sports, movies and gaming.

VIERA LCD TVs use advanced IPS panels with a larger aperture ratio. Panasonic's IPS LED LCD provides improved contrast, wide viewing angle and high moving-picture resolution, so that even fast-moving objects are displayed with superb clarity. This system helps render exquisitely beautiful images with enhanced depth and crisp blacks while reducing power consumption and allowing a slim product design of only 1.5 inches at the thinnest section.

FULL HD 3D Technology
Panasonic's FULL HD 3D system uses the frame sequential method, in which separate full-HD images are displayed alternately for the left and right eyes. In synch with the images displayed, the 3D eyewear opens and closes left and right LCD shutters. The viewer's brain then naturally reconstructs the separate images to create FULL HD 3D images. Panasonic's new VIERA models display high-resolution FULL HD 3D images. Because the new NeoPDP technology boosts light emission speed and reduces afterglow, overlapping of the right-eye and left-eye images is minimised, so there is minimal after-imaging. This system far surpasses previous 3D technologies. With Panasonic's FULL HD 3D, viewers enjoy exquisitely beautiful images with an incredibly powerful 3D effect.

Freesat and Freeview HD
Building on the success of its award-winning series of Freesat models, not only has Panasonic increased its Freesat offering, but the sets also now feature Freeview HD, providing consumers with a convenient, subscription free way* of watching their favourite soaps and dramas, documentaries and even the 2010 World Cup in full HD glory.

Models in the Freesat/Freeview HD line-up:

Plasma                                    LCD
TX-P65VT20B                TX-L42W20B                 TX-L37G20B
TX-P50VT20B                TX-L37W20B                 TX-L32G20B
TX-P50V20B                  TX-L37V20B                 
TX-P42V20B                  TX-L37D28BS               
TX-P50G20B                  TX-L32D28BS
TX-P46G20B                  TX-L32D28BW
TX-P42G20B                  TX-L32D28BP   

Freeview HD only

TX-P50S20B                  TX-L37S20B
TX-P46S20B                  TX-L32S20B

(*Following a one off installation payment for Freesat services)

For images, please download from Panasonic's free of charge image library:

High Picture Quality
VIERA NeoPDP plasma TVs boast a native contrast ratio of 5,000,000 to 1. Thanks to Panasonic's new NeoPDP technology, the plasma panels incorporated in these models boost luminous efficiency, improve peak brightness and substantially reduce preliminary discharge. Using "Infinite Black Pro" technology, these advanced panels deliver exceptionally deep, rich black levels that draw the viewer into the picture. They also use the new High Contrast Filter that minimises glare and reflection from external lights, so the picture is clear and vibrant even in bright viewing environments. The 600-Hz Sub-Field Drive Intelligent Frame Creation Pro technology provides moving-picture resolution of 1080 lines. The high-speed light emission and short afterglow achieved by the new NeoPDP technology reduce after-imaging. Fast-moving subjects are extremely sharp and clear, so viewers enjoy beautiful, comfortable, blur-free viewing of motor car racing scenes, sports events and action movies. VIERA plasma TVs are THX Certified Displays, meaning that they meet the industry's most rigourous performance standards. They reproduce images exactly as the filmmaker intended -- in natural, vibrant cinematic colour.

This year's VIERA LCD TVs feature an IPS LED LCD that boasts a dynamic contrast ratio of 2,000,000 to 1. An IPS panel with a high aperture ratio, a bright LED backlight and precise area drive control combine to ensure that even tiny lights in dark scenes – such as stars in the night sky – are clear and sharp. Also, the 200 backlight blinking Intelligent Frame Creation function achieves a moving-picture resolution of 800 lines, so motion images – typically a weakness of LCDs – are clear, smooth and beautiful. And with its wide viewing angle, the IPS panel delivers stunning images to viewers virtually anywhere in the living room.

Smart Networking
The 2010 VIERA TV models offer improved network functions that make it possible to use the TV in a variety of fun ways. VIERA CAST, a function that lets users view Internet content in their living rooms, has been enhanced by the addition of new content. Connecting an optional camera allows Skype users to view the other party's image on the large VIERA TV screen as they converse. Acetrax allows viewers to watch a variety of movies at home through a video-on-demand service. As in previous models, 2010 VIERA TVs allow interactive viewing of Internet content such as YouTube, Picasa and Eurosport without a personal computer.

All VIERA TV models are equipped with an SD card slot. Insert an SD card containing still photos or moving images, and the VIERA Image Viewer function lets you view the images on the large screen. New with 2010 models, this function can also play MP3 format music files. The background music and display effect functions have also been enhanced, so viewers can create more entertaining slideshows not only for themselves, but also to view with family, friends or other large groups.

Also new in 2010, many VIERA models come equipped with two USB ports and are WiFi ready, by using a dongle for wireless VIERA CAST access. Motion and still images, video and music stored on a PC can be copied onto a USB memory device and easily viewed on the VIERA screen. The USB port also allows recording to an external hard disk drive.

The new VIERA line-up includes models that can be connected to an iPod and iPhone; these models come with an iPod dock for easy connection. VIERA's graphical user interface (GUI) is designed to be as easy and stylish as the iPod. People can use their VIERA TV to listen to and view music, photos and videos on their iPod, and they can use the VIERA remote control unit to operate the iPod.

VIERA Link, which allows the VIERA remote control to operate devices connected via HDMI cables to the VIERA TV, has been enhanced for even greater flexibility. In previous home cinema systems, it was necessary to connect separate cables for audio and video signals from the TV. The new ARC (Audio Return Channel) function, lets you output the digital sound of the TV’s integrated Tuner to a compatible receiver through only one HDMI-cable.

Eco-Friendly Products
Thanks to technology that greatly improves luminous efficiency, Panasonic's 2010 VIERA plasma TVs are much more energy-efficient than their predecessors. Power consumption has been reduced by up to 35%, compared with last year's models. Committed to providing environment-friendly products, Panasonic also continues to use lead-free panels and long-life 100,000-hour panels that help save resources.

Thanks to the company's advanced IPS LED LCD technology, Panasonic LED LCD TVs lead the industry in energy-saving performance. VIERA LCD TVs deliver stunningly beautiful images while minimising power consumption.

VIERA TVs also feature an Eco Control function that uses VIERA Link. This function automatically turns off connected devices when the TV is switched off. The function can also automatically set inactive devices to standby mode to further conserve energy.