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Panasonic presents Full HD 3D Blu-ray DiscTM Player

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Munich, Germany (February 15, 2010) – Panasonic, the maker of the world’s first Full HD 3D Plasma Cinema System, today announced to introduce the DMP-BDT300, which is its first Full HD 3D Blu-ray Disc Player. With the introduction of 3D products for the home, viewers will get an unparalleled 3D experience with realistic and immersive sensation.

Panasonic’s first Full HD 3D Blu-ray DiscTM Player DMP-BDT300 features the brand new exclusively developed UniPhier LSI chip for processing the large volume of Full HD 3D movies. This new UniPhier enables the player to output Full HD images in 1920x1080 resolutions in the so-called frame-sequential method. With this method, the images for left and right eye are displayed in alteration in order to create 3D images. Based on Panasonic Hollywood Laboratories’ research, the DMP-BDT300 stands out through its high quality picture reproduction technology, which works together seamlessly with compatible 3D TVs.

In addition to its 3D playback capabilities, the DMP-BDT300 also delivers the ultimate picture quality for both conventional Blu-ray Disc and DVD movies. Especially for Blu-ray Disc movies, Adaptive Chroma Upsampling reproduces original colour in the finest details. I/P conversion technology for DVD movies has been further advanced by Enhanced Full HD Upsampling to re-create and enhance missing details.

The DMP-BDT300 is also equipped with great networking functions including VIERA CAST, which will feature additional content from new partners this year, DLNA capability and a Wireless LAN adaptor. Users can also watch content from their digital cameras and camcorders by means of the integrated SD card slot and USB port. With the integrated SD card slot, AVCHD, MPEG2 and JPEG files taken with Camcorders or Digital Cameras can be played back, and with the integrated USB port, JPEG, DIvX Plus HD, and MP3 files can be played back. With its twin HDMI output, one output can be dedicated as an Audio signal output, thus achieving better sound quality and matching the needs of users who own customised cinema systems  and legacy* audio equipment.

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