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Teufel proudly announces flagship Ultima 800 stereo speaker

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Berlin, Germany 10 February, 2010: Teufel, Europe’s leading direct seller of loudspeaker systems, is extremely proud to announce the Teufel Ultima 800 stereo speaker.

Representing the absolute pinnacle of Teufel’s technical abilities, this incredible speaker demonstrates why Teufel has become such a revered name over the last 30 years.

A formidable tower of uncompromisingly high-end speaker components housed in a colossal cabinet and finished in high-gloss black or clear-coated American walnut, the Ultima 800 has simply no peer at this price level.

Each cabinet contains no less than eight powerful speakers; two woofers, four passive radiator woofers (three of which are rear-facing), a midrange driver and a tweeter.  Beginning at the top of the cabinet’s front, a large 33mm fabric tweeter with neodymium magnet and extra long excursion capability provides entirely compression-free, low-fatigue playback at the highest frequencies.

Beneath this, a 100mm mid-range driver with a pure titanium membrane and neodymium magnet guarantees wide beam behaviour, while its concave form ensures perfect frequency representation across its assigned frequency range.

Both these speakers are mounted on a meticulously-refined angled front baffle, ensuring precision time-accurate waveform transmission in line with the woofers.

The lower, flat baffle forming the rest of the Ultima 800 houses three woofers, each measuring 170mm; two active and beneath them, one passive. The active Rohacell Carbon sandwich-cone woofers achieve deep, staggeringly clear bass frequencies through a double-layered material mix.
This is complimented by the passive radiator, harnessing the carefully-tuned internal air pressures created by the active driver to achieve frequency-perfect bass response without the vent turbulence, vent pipe resonances or frequency interference from the mid-range a reflex port would create.
The rear of the cabinet houses a further three 170mm passive radiators, effectively transforming the entire tower into a fluid, flexible space that moves and evolves with the air pressures within it.

A speaker of this complexity requires outstanding electronics, and the Ultima 800 is no exception. Each speaker uses an elite 3-way crossover network with distortion-free, resin-impregnated air-core inductors and polypropilene foil capacitors, avoiding any microphonic effects. This crossover significantly enhances the speaker’s linearity by +-1dB over the entire frequency range.

Using a state-of-the-art Klippel analysis system, Teufel’s engineers have tuned the Ultima 800s’ speakers to provide entirely accurate, distortion-free sound even at extremely high listening levels. Klippel R&D systems enable analysis and adjustment of even the most minute aspects of a speaker’s construction, ensuring absolutely no compromise when it comes to a final, quality product.

This combination of painstakingly-tuned speakers and electronic components come together to create a sound that’s as monstrous as it is angelic. An overall sensitivity of 86dB at 2.83V offers substantial power while ensuring excellent frequency response, ranging from 42 to 27.000Hz.
“The Ultima 800 is the product of many hours of fine tuning through listening tests and different electronic refinements” explains Andreas Guhde, lead designer of the Ultima 800. “I’m extremely proud of the outcome; the Ultima 800 doesn’t just sound incredible but it also significantly raises the bar in terms of affordable high-end stereo transducers.”

To ensure the speakers sound their best in every environment, Andreas has designed the Ultima 800s using a flexible single-wiring speaker terminal with a variable bass alignment function. “Through a four-stage adaption of the rear passive radiators, the speakers can be customised to different spaces and amplifiers” explains Andreas. “This means that whatever amplifier the Ultima 800s are connected to or whatever your room size or shape, they’ll sound how I designed them.”

Sold as a pair, the Teufel Ultima 800s are priced at £ 2681* and are available now from www.teufel.eu.

*All prices quoted were correct at the time of press however please note that they may be some variance due to the exchange rate of the euro.