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Teufel announces the Impaq 4000 and Impaq 6000

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Berlin, Germany 19 January, 2010: Teufel, Europe’s leading direct seller of loudspeaker systems, today announces the release of the Impaq 4000 and Impaq 6000 complete 5.1 home cinema systems. 

When connected to a high-definition television, both systems offer a fully inclusive sound package for real surround sound playback from five individual satellite loudspeakers and a subwoofer. Both combinations are designed for rooms up to 25 sqm.

The IP 6000 DP DVD-Preceiver forms the heart of the Impaq 4000 and 6000 systems, comprising of an upscaling DVD player, FM radio, Dolby/DTS decoder and home cinema amplifier – all in an only 5cm high chassis.

This all-in-one device plays all standard formats, as well as MP3, WMA audio and DivX video. 1080p upscaling ensures optimal playback of your DVDs over a high definition HDMI connection, while legacy analogue component and composite connections ensure older video devices and televisions can still benefit from the systems’ stunning sound quality.

Input is not restricted to DVD; HDMI input enables other high definition systems such as satellite receivers or games consoles to output directly to the Impaq system. Audio can be input via optical and coaxial digital connections, as well as from MP3 players via USB. Both systems support iPod connectivity and control via an external dock.

The AM/FM radio works with RDS and can save up to 50 stations. The comprehensive remote control allows easy, relaxed adjustment of your system from the comfort of your sofa.

It is the configuration of speakers that differentiates the two Impaq systems. The Impaq 4000’s five individual (optimised through Klippel technology) two-way compact loudspeakers combine with the subwoofer to recreate an absolutely harmonic, exact sound picture that presents every detail as was originally intended.

The Impaq 6000’s speakers build on the above with high gloss two-way columns, featuring newly developed woofers and immense volume performance, free from any discernable distortion.

The compact centre loudspeaker is identical in set up to the column speakers – necessary for a truly harmonic surround sound experience. Two cellulose mid-range 80mm drivers work together with a 25mm tweeter for extreme sound and distortion-free play. The wide radiating sound is perfect for listeners that might not be sitting in the optimal listening area.

Both the Impaq 4000 and Impaq 6000 systems are backed by an impressive 12 year warranty on loudspeakers and 2 year warranty on amplifiers and electrical components. This, along with Teufel’s eight-week-return policy, makes a Teufel home theatre system an unbeatable investment.

The Impaq 4000 and Impaq 6000 systems are available now from www.teufel.eu/uk for £982* and £1250* respectively.

*All prices quoted were correct at the time of this release, however please note that they may be some variance due to the exchange rate of the euro.