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Teufel introduces the Impaq 40; A simple, great sounding mini Hi-Fi with MP3 via USB

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Berlin, Germany 11th November 2009: Teufel, Europe's leading direct seller of loudspeaker systems, today launches the Impaq 40 mini stereo with hi-fi speakers. The startlingly-compact Impaq 40 features a concentrated radio amplifier unit with integrated CD player and USB connectivity, flanked by two quality loudspeakers. Its size enables it to be placed anywhere, so whether you live in a rambling mansion or studio apartment, it’ll sit neatly and compactly on a shelf, cabinet or worktop. And due to its understated, high-gloss design, it’ll look fantastic wherever it goes.

If past experience of similar-sized systems leads you to imagine the Impaq 40’s small footprint equates to a small sound, think again. At Teufel, we live for great sound – and with the extreme sonic performance of the Impaq 40’s 2x25 watt two-way speakers, providing 88dB per watt per metre, you can be sure of jaw-dropping, room-filling sonority. And for when you want it party-loud, there’s a separate subwoofer connection – just make sure you invite your neighbours along!

The amplifier itself is built simply yet meticulously from the very best components, with no unnecessary, complicated features – this is pure, direct audio straight from the source to your ears. The tuner offers both AM and FM stations, all of which can be saved to 40 memory spots on the device. The names of each station are shown on the display thanks to the same RDS technology found in car stereos.

For those who have embraced digital music, the Impaq 40 can play digital audio files straight from disk – simply copy the tracks you want from your PC to a USB flash drive and plug it in to the Impaq 40’s USB port. You’ll soon be enjoying your favourite tracks in stunning Teufel sound quality.

The Impaq 40 is available now from www.teufel.eu priced at £304

*All prices quoted were correct at the time of press however please note that they may be some variance due to the exchange rate of the euro.