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Teufel introduces the Omniton 202; A universal loudspeaker offering stunning hi-fi quality, whatever the situation

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Berlin, Germany 26th October 2009: Teufel, Europe's leading direct seller of loudspeaker systems, is pleased to announce the launch of the Omniton 202 – a universal loudspeaker designed to provide hi-fi quality sound in any environment, from gyms to pub gardens.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the combining form ‘omni’ as meaning all, everywhere, universal – and that’s exactly how the Omniton 202 gets its name. Whatever the situation, the Omniton 202 is up to the task, providing powerful, full-range sound with all the detail and sonic quality you’d expect from a Teufel product.

It may be compact, but it’s ready for action anywhere and practically indestructible. Whether deployed at a club, bar, garden, swimming pool, gym, office or simply your sitting room at home, the Omniton 202’s robust, water-resistant housing can tolerate shock, moisture and, well, anything else you can throw at it. It’ll go wherever you need it, too - hard rubber sealing ensures it’ll sit happily on a stand, shelf or table, while the rear cable wire connector is designed to ensure easy, adjustable mounting on a wall.

But while it may have the uncompromising brawn of a universal soldier, it’s brainy, too – the speaker’s 130mm woofer and 25mm cloth dome tweeter, constructed in bass reflex housing, enable it to reproduce the entire sound spectrum with incredible accuracy and without distortion up to an eyeball-shaking 102dB. Bass frequencies are represented so completely that a subwoofer is simply not necessary.

All Teufel products including Omniton 202 are backed by an impressive 12 year warranty on loudspeakers and 2 years warranty on amplifiers and electrical components. This along with Teufel’s eight-week-return policy makes the Omniton 202 the perfect choice.

The Omniton 202 is priced at £140 per pair for further information please visit www.teufel.eu

*All prices quoted were correct at the time of press however please note that they may be some variance due to the exchange rate of the euro.