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Teufel introduces the new Ultima 60 speakers for your hi-fi system

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Berlin, Germany 31st July, 2009: Teufel, Europe's leading direct seller of loudspeaker systems has announced the exciting launch of the Ultima 60 Stereo speakers. The Ultima 60 floor standing speakers are 160 watts of pure power, offering top quality sound at an exceptional price. Whether replacing the poor-quality boxes of an out of the box new set or purchasing a quality speaker set from the very outset - the Ultima 60 is the right choice.

The Ultima 60 presents a full range stereo speaker design. The large volume and ample diaphragm surface combined with a sophisticated crossover interface reproduce your sound over the entire spectrum of frequencies. Additional subwoofers are simply not necessary. Just get the boxes out of the carton, connect the amplifier, choose your music and kick back!

The Ultima 60 speakers are distinctive and attractive in appearance, coming in a stunning dark brown finish. The over a metre-high box is built as a three-way speaker. A 160mm midrange driver in its own housing chamber performs brilliant in the midrange whereas two identically sized woofers take care of a solid bass foundation. Assisting the three is a 25 mm cloth dome for the tweeter at the top - enabling an amazing sound performance up to the highest frequencies.

Backed by an impressive 12 years warranty on loudspeakers, along with an eight-week-return policy make the Ultima 60 speakers the perfect choice.  The speakers can only be purchased in pairs, are available at a special 15% introductory discount at £246* and will be available for shipping soon for £290* at www.teufel.eu.

In addition Teufel are currently offering UK customer a further fantastic 10% discount off all their products. When ordering simply select "Great Britain" as your country of delivery and the amount will be deducted.  This makes the Ultima 60 speakers available for an incredible £222* at the moment!

*All prices quoted were correct at the time of press however please note that they may be some variance due to the exchange rate of the euro.