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Compro VideoMate Power Up Scheduled Recording

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Most TV cards provide scheduled recording function. They only support this function under the system Standby (S3) or Hibernation (S4) mode. Although the Standby (S3) / Hibernation (S4) mode makes computer system running in energy saving mode, it still consume energy compared to the Shut down (S5) mode. Select Compro VideoMate TV card series with exclusive Shut down (S5) mode Power up scheduled recording. There is no more waste on your PC energy anymore.

Combined with the self-developed hardware and software technology, and design for the PC energy savor, Compro’s S5 mode Power Up Schedule Recording can automatically power up your system for scheduled recording and shut down the system after the scheduled recording is completed. Whether the PC is on or off, the Power Up scheduled recording automatically performs on time. You will never miss your favorite shows and waste the PC energy for scheduled recording.

With Compro VideoMate TV tuner card series’ Shut down (S5) mode Power up scheduled recording, you can reserve your favorite programs, conserve energy and reduce your electricity bill. It is your best choice to go green. For more product details, please go to, you can check the model of VideoMate E650/E700/T500F/T750F and VideoMate Vista E800F/E850F/E900F.