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Get Bass Without the Bulk

Tags: Philips (AMS:PHIA), Gibson Innovations

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The Philips BASS+ range packs a punch, delivering rich, dynamic bass for those who demand big, heart-thumping sound and a little extra oomph in their lives.

While BASS+ is larger than life, its great sounding headphones are designed for people who want more bass in their beats, but without the extra bulk. Ergonomically designed with soft cushions, the headphones offer deep bass sound whilst providing a sleek shape that ensures style on the go.

“BASS+ is all about the way bass makes you feel. Beats hit with more impact to make everything bigger, thicker and juicier," said Michael Davies, Headphones Business Line Leader at Gibson Innovations. “From the compact, durable product design to the loud packaging, BASS+ headphones have style and send a singular message – they’re all about the bass.”

Philips BASS+ In Ear, SHE4305 (12.2mm driver)

Experience surprisingly big sound pumping out of a small, but sturdy package. With speaker drivers specially tuned for big bass, Philips BASS+ earphones deliver great sound isolation and wearing stability, so you get the most out of your beats.

Philips BASS+ In Ear Wireless, SHB4305 (12.2mm driver, 6-hour battery life)

Achieve that big bass sound with these light weight, bulk free wireless earphones. The specially tuned driver to product helps deliver extra powerful, high quality bass that is unlike any other in-ear style. With a 6-hour battery life and a full recharge time of only 1.5 hours you’ll be able to experience big bass on the move wherever you go.

Philips BASS+ On Ear, SHL3075 (32mm driver)

For an immersive powerful bass experience the BASS+ On-Ear truly delivers. They come packed with closed type acoustics to block out ambient noise, adjustable earshells and headband to ensure a comfortable fit for all and a flat fold design making them easy for transportation and storage. The soft leather ear cushions are a perfect match for long listening sessions, a necessity given the Bass+ quality of sound. Available with and without mic.

Philips BASS+ On Ear Wireless, SHB3075 (32mm driver, 11-hour battery life)

Lose yourself in the bass without the hassle of wires and connectors thanks to Bluetooth connection. These wireless headphones will become the perfect companion for those who want a rich, heavy bass sound on the go. The long battery life of 11 hours and great sound isolation will ensure a lengthy listening session without any interruptions. 

Philips BASS+ Headphones with mic, SHL3175 (40mm driver)

Philips BASS+ headphones bring big, bold bass back to your music. Packing powerful, punchy bass into a sleek, sturdy package, these over-the-ear headphones are built for those who need more bass in their beats without any extra bulk.

Philips BASS+ Over Ear, SHB3175 (40mm driver)

Big bold bass with uncompromised sound. With 40mm neodymium drivers and a closed back and around ear design these headphones deliver big bass, while blocking out ambient noise. The inline mic and pick up remote ensure no fumbling around for your phone, while the unique folding design makes them ideal for transportation.

Phillips Bass+ True Wireless, SHB4385

BASS+ True Wireless in-ear Bluetooth headphones provide the ultimate freedom. Combining big bass with a totally wire-free experience, their unique earbud design isolates sound to keep you immersed in music, while a C-fit stability fin ensures they stay securely in your ears. The technical design has also been optimized to achieve a new standard of connectivity performance. Complete with a convenient charging capsule, these headphones offer up to 6 hours of playback on a single charge, or a total of 12 hours of listening time with the charging capsule.


Philips SHE4305 / BASS+ In Ear / Available from Argos / RRP £19.99
Philips SHB4305 / BASS+ In Ear Wireless / Available from Argos / RRP £49.99
Philips SHL3075 / BASS+ On Ear with mic / Available from Argos / RRP £24.99
Philips SHB3075 / BASS+ On Ear Wireless / Available from Argos/ RRP £49.99
Philips SHL3175 / BASS+ Over Ear / Available from Argos / RRP £34.99
Philips SHB3175 / BASS+ Over Ear wireless / Available from Argos / RRP £59.99
Philips SHB4385 / BASS+ True Wireless / Available from November 2017 / RRP £99.99 

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