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New Philips BASS+ headphones

Tags: Philips (AMS:PHIA), Gibson Innovations

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Berlin –September 1, 2017 – Packing big bass into a sleek yet sturdy design, Philips BASS+ headphones are all about powerful bass that lets you feel the beat. With their stripped-back style and simplicity, they’re the perfect match for the young, mobile generation. Specially tuned drivers and bass vents produce ultra low-end frequencies to create a unique BASS+ sound signature. 

True wireless headphones 

The Bass+ range consists of headphones to meet any wearing style. Later this year, the BASS+ True Wireless in-ear Bluetooth headphones will be added to the range to provide the ultimate freedom in wearing styles. These headphones combine big bass with a totally wire-free experience. Their unique earbud design isolates sound to keep you immersed in music, while a C-fit stability fin ensures they stay securely in your ears. The technical design has also been optimized to achieve a new standard of connectivity performance. Complete with a convenient charging capsule, these headphones offer up to 6 hours of playback on a single charge, or a total of 12 hours of listening time with the charging capsule. 

Bass without the bulk 

While many headphones in the market are forced to compromise bass performance because of design limitations, BASS+ headphones overcome this challenge with a specially designed driver that uses custom acoustic tuning in the housing itself to enhance the bass quality through the full dynamic range in a small, practical package. So you get extra bass, without the need for extra bulk.  

“BASS+ is all about the way bass makes you feel. Beats hit with more impact to make everything bigger, thicker and juicier," said Michael Davies, Headphones Business Line Leader at Gibson Innovations. “From the compact, durable product design to the loud packaging, BASS+ headphones have style and send a singular message – they’re all about the bass.”  

Welcome to the Bass+ family 

The BASS+ range includes a variety of wired and wireless wearing styles, with on-ear, over-ear and in-ear versions. Over- and on-ear models include powerful, high quality speaker drivers to produce rich, pumping bass. Soft ear cushions keep them cool and comfortable for long listening sessions. Over-ears in the range are compact folding for easy portability and storage. For wireless, the Bluetooth version features handy button controls on the right ear shell for quick access to music and call controls. In-ear headphones in the range (wired or wireless) feature custom tuned drivers that pack an unexpected punch for their size. They deliver great sound isolation and wearing stability, so you get the most out of your beats. 

BASS+ headphones come in a wide range of colors to match any outfit and lifestyle. They are easily wearable in all conditions ideal for pairing with jeans and trainers. Available colors include slate black, smoky white, maroon red and blue petrol. 

  • On-ear (SHL3070) in black, white, blue and red: RRP €24.99 
    • with mic (SHL3075) RRP: €29.99 
  • On-ear BT (SHB3075) in black, white, blue and red: RRP €49.99 
  • In-ear (SHE4300) in black and white: RRP €14.99 
    • with mic (SHE4305) black, white, blue and red: RRP: €19.99 
  • Over-ear (SHL3175) in black and white: RRP €39.99 
  • Over-ear BT (SHB3175) in black and white: RRP €69.99 
  • In-ear BT (SHB4305) in black and white: RRP €59.99 
  • True Wireless (SHB4385) in black: RRP €129.99 (Available from November 2017) 

Philips BASS+ headphones – key features 

  • Bigger, bolder bass 
  • No frills design 
  • Great sound isolation  
  • Ergonomic fit 
  • Soft ear cushions 
  • Control calls, music and volume with ear-shell buttons (BT version only) 
  • Folding design for on ears and over ears 
  • Remote control for music and calls* 

*SHE4305/ SHB4305/ SHL3075/ SHL3175/ SHB3075/ SHB3175 only  

About Gibson Brands 

Gibson Brands, a global leader in musical instruments, consumer electronics and professional audio, is dedicated to improving the quality of life and music for its customers. Founded in 1894 and headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, Gibson Brands has manufacturing, marketing and research and development centers throughout the world. For more information, go to 

Gibson Innovations, a subsidiary of Gibson Brands, is a global powerhouse committed to innovation in sound and entertainment. As a leading player in key categories including headphones, audio systems, soundbars and connected audio with world-recognized brands including Philips and Onkyo, Gibson Innovations brings the finest audio products and experiences to consumers.