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New super light and wireless Philips Flite™ headphones

Tags: Philips (AMS:PHIA), Gibson Innovations

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Berlin – September 1, 2017 – Following the success of the Philips Flite™ headphones range, two new members are being added to the family that push the weightless, gravity defying design style to the next level. The two most popular wearing styles – over-ear and in-ear – are going wireless. will free themselves from any wires to hold you down.

The Flite™ family – Everlite, Ultrlite, and Hyprlite – are constructed with ultra-light materials and clean lines and are designed to follow the natural contours of the head and ears for long-lasting comfort. Fold them away into the smallest of bags, comfortably rest them flat around your neck, or slide the compact earbuds into your pocket. The unisex silhouette and superior sound are perfect for those who prefer their music like their lives – upbeat and on the move.

Streamlined designs usually compromise sound quality and reduce bass performance. But Flite™ headphones are designed to deliver natural sound and quality bass despite their slimmer form. Drivers, venting and acoustic volume in the headphones’ housing have been meticulously tuned to ensure the kind of clarity and bass impact you would normally expect from much bigger headphones.

“For Flite™, we wanted to bring together the impossible: ultra light and great sound," said Michael Davies, Headphones Business Line Leader at Gibson Innovations. "Flite™ headphones truly give a ‘barely there’ feeling while the sound is surprisingly loud. They are designed Flite™ for a young, carefree audience, who were born to defy gravity.”


Everlite are the eye catching over-ears headphones of the Flite™ family . High-powered 32mm drivers deliver a sensational sound. The lightweight headband and soft ergonomic cushions create excellent sound isolation to remove ambient noise. You can fold them away between playlists and they have special tangle-free cables. Everlite allows you to take calls, chat with its integrated mic, or play and pause your music. With 13 hours of playtime, the Everlite Bluetooth holds enough power to keep your music going all day. When you need a quick burst of power, Fast Charge technology ensures that just five minutes of charging time gets you one hour of playback.

  • Everlite and Everlite Bluetooth are available in white with rose gold and dark chrome
  • Everlite Bluetooth (SHB4805) – with mic RRP: €79.99
  • Everlite (SHL4805) – with mic RRP: €39.99


Ultrlite are the on-ears of the Flite™ family and perfectly fusing style and sound. With a super slim design that folds flat, they are the ideal companion to slip into your bag and take anywhere. they deliver a rich, crisp sound from the powerful 32mm drivers giving a sublime listening experience. You can choose from the wired and mic option or Bluetooth for complete wireless freedom.

  • Ultrlite is available in both black and white.
  • Ultrlite (SHB4405) – with Bluetooth RRP: €49.99
  • Ultrlite (SHL4405) – with mic RRP: €19.99
  • Ultrlite (SHL4400) RRP: €14.99


Let the music flow wherever you go. The near weightless Hyprlite earbuds are so ergonomic and comfortable you hardly know they’re there. Slip them on whenever you feel like tuning out, or slide them into any pocket until your next listening session. Contoured and compact, yet hiding 12.2mm powerful drivers and a bass tube that pumps out a deep, rich bass. The Hyprlite Bluetooth keeps your music flowing with 7 hours of playtime, and the neckband vibrates when calls come in, so you'll never miss a call.

  • Hyprlite and Hyprlite Bluetooth are available in white with rose gold and dark chrome.
  • Hyprlite (SHB4205) – with mic RRP: €59.99
  • Hyprlite (SHE4205) – with mic RRP: €24.99
  • Hyprlite (SHE4200) RRP: €19.99

Flite™ headphones by Philips – key features

  • Streamlined and super slim
  • Lightweight and compact; The headbands weigh less than 135g, while the in-ears are only 10g and in-ear Bluetooth are 26g.
  • High-power 32mm drivers (Everlite and Ultrlite) and 12.2mm drivers (Hyprlite)
  • Ergonomic soft cushions for optimal sound isolation
  • Compact ergonomic earbuds for a seamless fit (Hyprlite)
  • Compact flat and flat folding for easy storage (Everlite)
  • Extra-durable cable
  • Remote control for music and calls*

*SHB4205/ SHE4205/ SHL4405/ SHE4805/ SHB4805 only

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