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1MORE introduces the H1707 Triple Driver Headphones with Piezo Ceramic Driver

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London, 19th July 2017 – Award winning specialist audio manufacturer 1MORE today introduces its H1707 Triple Driver Over-Ear Headphones to the UK. The headphones feature advanced Piezo ceramic driver technology and audiophile, oxygen free, copper wiring to ensure a high fidelity listening experience. The H1707 headphones are available for £199.99 from

1MORE uses the latest patented designs and materials to enhance sound, comfort and aesthetic appeal. From aerospace grade materials to genuine Swarovski crystals, 1MORE takes no shortcuts to maintain a standard of modern excellence in both function and form.

Expertly tuned by Grammy Award winning sound engineer Luca Bignardi, the 1MORE H1707 headphones feature a Piezo driver which, when combined with a 40mm aerospace grade composite driver and a powerful, fast bass reflex, deliver a high frequency resolution extension that reaches up to 40kHz for high resolution files. This technology has been recognised by the High Resolution Association of Japan who have given official certification to the H1707 headphones to replay high resolution (better than cd quality) music.

Not only do the H1707 headphones feature great technology, they have also been manufactured using top quality materials. The black and gold machined metal complement each other perfectly whilst the sturdy but comfortable ear clamps with luxurious padding, echo that of a high end sports car, allowing for long listening sessions without any discomfort. The clamps can also be folded inwards and also rotated inwards by 45° so the headphones can fit snugly into the included high quality case and internal bag whilst travelling. 

Special consideration has also gone into the cabling used, with a 99.99 oxygen free copper wiring with left and right independent channel, straight through design and a tough non tangle Kevlar sleeve ensuring a lower transmission loss and higher fidelity listening experience.

Available for just £199.99, the 1MORE H1707 Triple Driver over-ear headphones deliver a spectacular sound at amazing value when compared to other headphones of similar specifications available in the market. 1MORE are proud to be superior to the industry standard.

The 1MORE Triple Driver in-ear headphones are available for £199.99 from


General Specification



  Cable Length (m)


  Net Weight (g)



  3.5mm gold plated

  Wire Material

  Oxygen-Free Copper Wire

  Max. Power


  Headset Sensitivity


  Speaker Impedance




  Execution Standard

  Q/WMSX 003-2016




 1 x 1More Three Drivers Headphone 

 1 x 3.5mm to 6.3mm audio adapter(gold plated)

 1 x Oxygen-free copper cable(detachable)

 1 x Potable storage bag

 1 x Pair earmuff

 1 x Manual


About 1MORE

1MORE Acoustic Technology – established in 2013, is an acoustic innovative company that focuses on high performance headphones. In a world where headphone companies merely purchase off-the-shelf parts and assemble them to hit various price brackets, 1MORE instead designs and manufacturers all of its components from the ground up. Starting with the development of the drivers themselves, to the unique design of each headphone through to its production, 1MORE is committed to creating the best headphones at affordable prices.

To achieve such high standards, 1MORE continuously develop new technologies, include musical experts in the design process, and strive to create an end product that exceeds consumer expectations. Enjoying portable music as the artist originally intended is no longer a luxury, but a 1MORE standard.