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Stay in reach of the beat with Philips’ new EverPlay range

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London, 16th June – Ensure you never stray away from the music with the new EverPlay range of Bluetooth speakers from Philips. Offering a stable Bluetooth connection up to an impressive 30m, a combination of intuitive charging options and a stylish, textured and durable build, music lovers will stay in reach of the beat, wherever they are. 

“With its robust Bluetooth connection, smart charging solutions and durable design, combined with uncompromised sound, EverPlay brings together the key features people are looking for in their portable Bluetooth speakers,” says Jerome Alfonsi, Business Leader Audio, Video and Home Cinema at Gibson Innovations. “Putting it simply, EverPlay keeps your music going – without worrying about losing the Bluetooth connection to your smart phone or running out of battery.”   

Philips BT3900 EverPlay (4 Watts)

Stylish and super durable, enjoy continuous music with the Philips BT3900 thanks to its strong Bluetooth connection up to 30m and intuitive charging options. Big sound is delivered by a powerful driver with bass radiator, backed by an anti-clipping function supporting loud, distortion free music. Boasting a shockproof, dustproof and waterproof IP57 rating, The DuraFit fabric ensures that there is no compromise on performance. Complete with a USB cable that doubles up as a strap, the BT3900 means the music is never out of reach. 

Philips BT6900 EverPlay (10 Watts)

Achieving a big sound due to its front-firing neodymium speaker, bass radiators for extra bass boost and extension, and an anti-clipping function for loud, distortion-free music, the beat never stops with the Philips BT6900. The strong Bluetooth connection of up to 30m gives users plenty of room to work with, backed by intuitive charging such as a quick-charge option that recharges the product up to three times faster, a battery indicator to easily view the power level and a USB cable that doubles up as a strap. With durable build, shockproof, dustproof and waterproof alongside a rating of IP57, and a high performance DuraFit fabric, the BT6900 keeps the music playing wherever you are. 

Philips BT7900 EverPlay (14 Watts)

Best in-class Bluetooth connection up to 30m and intuitive charging options means the music never stops with the Philips BT7900. Durability is ensured via its shockproof, dustproof and waterproof IP57 rating and high performance DuraFit fabric, while the big sound is delivered by its twin front-firing neodymium speakers and Digital Sound processing for lifelike, distortion-free music. A 100-hour Bluetooth power standby time and built-in microphone for hands-free phone calls complete the BT7900, the speaker that really is never out of reach.


Philips BT3900 / Available from Argos in July / RRP £49.99

Philips BT6900 / Available from Argos in July / RRP £79.99

Philips BT7900 / Available from Argos in July / RRP £89.99

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