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Keep it sleek and versatile with Philips’ Flite range

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Stylish and portable, Philips’ Flite headphones take the hassle out of travelling

25 January 2017 – With a minimalist look and lightweight portability, Philips’ new Flite range is designed to fit effortlessly into the user’s life. Slim and simple, Flite’s fashionable design and versatility mean they are suited for wear on the go without breaking the bank. In addition, their combination of great style and big sound make Flite the perfect find for those unwilling to compromise on quality while on the move.


Discreet in-ears with a clear sound, the Philips Hyprlite earphones are so ergonomic and light that they will hardly be noticed. Compact enough to be safely put away until their next use, Hyprlite’s rich sound is achieved via 12.2mm drivers and bass tube, giving these weightless in-ears a boost seemingly beyond their means.

Ultrlite/Ultrlite Wireless

The on-ear Philips Ultrlite headphones are designed with a slim, lightweight fit and 32mm drivers to ensure a balance of comfort and quality sound. Noise-isolating cushions mean that they are perfect for travelling from A to B, while their foldable design is ideal for packing away. Users can choose from the wired and mic option, or  Bluetooth enabled for a freer, wireless experience.


Adding a stunning metallic finish to the inherent slim, lightweight Flite design, the Philips Everlite are for fashionistas who want to travel without hassle.  A rich sound is achieved by 32mm drivers, while the tangle-free cable and compact foldable design mean they are perfect for slipping into a bag while on the move. An integrated mic allows users to take calls and chat, with the option to play and pause music also available.         

Pricing and Availability

Hyperlite - £24.99 from

Ultrlite - £14.99/£19.99 from

Ultrlite Wireless - £39.99 from

Everlite - £34.99 from

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