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Halo - The Movie

by Nick Haywood on 25 August 2005, 00:00

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Halo – The movie

Halo – The movie

News reaches HEXUS.gaming of the dispute over the Halo movie finally being settled and the film to be launched in 2007.

Initially, Microsoft wanted $10 million USD in advance, 15% of the gross and creative control of the film. This was a no-go as far as Universal Studios and Fox were concerned.

It appears that everything has now been cleared up with Microsoft now taking a reported $5 million USD and 10% of the profits with Universal and Fox splitting the rest.

Microsoft will be supplying members of the Bungie team, the game’s developers, as creative consultants for the film, the script for which has been written by Alex Garland of 28 Days Later fame. Halo the movie is being produced by Peter Schlessel, whose previous efforts include The Locusts and Household Saints… hmmm.

There has been rumour that the Halo movie will be released in 2007 to coincide with the release of the Halo 3 game, but this would put the game back a whole year from Bill Gates’ announcement that he intends to launch Halo 3 at the same time as the PS3 launch in March, 2006.