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BT Infinity to launch 300Mbps "supercharged" broadband

by Mark Tyson on 11 July 2013, 11:45

Tags: British Telecom (LON:BT.A)

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British Telecom has announced it is readying a 300Mbps broadband internet service for deployment later this year. The service will use Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) technology and initially be available to customers within reach of the 50 exchange areas that are currently FTTP enabled. This new speedy unlimited internet subscription will cost you £50 per month.

With the new 300Mbps service BT will be the provider of the fastest internet speeds of all the major broadband suppliers in the UK. Existing customers with FTTP packages from BT will be able to upgrade to the £50pm package. On the upload side of the equation the new "supercharged" package will offer 20Mbps upstream speeds. BT also inform us that this unlimited 300Mbps broadband package will be free from any traffic management shenanigans.

A new Home Hub too

BT also announced that its new Home Hub 5 would be coming to users, in a similar end of year time-frame, and be included with all new and renewing customer contract BT Infinity packages as standard from that time. The new Hub 5 "will build upon the unrivalled reliability of Hub 4 and add superfast 802.11ac Wi-Fi and 4 GigE ports so customers can further exploit the superfast speeds of BT Infinity". The new hub will also integrate the VDSL modem component, cutting down on the number of electronic boxes customers need in their homes.

BT's general manager of Consumer Broadband said about the news "The new BT Home Hub 5 and the introduction of 300Mbps FTTP show how we are obsessed with providing an amazing broadband experience... Only BT offers a service that combines dual band, Wi-Fi, no traffic management, market leading network performance and Superfast BT Infinity."

BT also took the opportunity to remind us that BT Sport will launch on the 1st August and the three channels, BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2 and ESPN, will be free to all BT broadband residential subscribers.

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Maybe they should focus on actually upgrading all the cabinets and exchanges so the areas like mine that were supposed to be upgraded to fibre ‘around June 2012’ and still haven't, instead of new package after new package.
Yep, me and 25% of the rest of the population will still be on < 3 MB/s while the “national average” skyrockets.
I wrote to my MP on exactly that point. Waiting for a reply….
My ISP is guilty of that BS. Promised us broadband (not even fiber, just plain old coaxial broadband) by 2010. 2011 rolled up and they reneged, claiming the infrastructure was too expensive. So here I am in 2013, still stuck on ADSL, slower than 98% of the country, while they keep dreaming up faster and faster services and ignoring us out here. Yes, I'm bitter. But I own this house and I'm not moving.
Releasing this package doesn't necessarily need any/much extra infrastructure (depending on uptake); the GPON network already supports ~2Gbps downstream, 1Gbps upstream per node, so it's more a case of ‘why not’ than diverting funds from elsewhere.