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HMV launches mobile gaming service powered by Orange

by Scott Bicheno on 19 March 2010, 11:48

Tags: HMV, Orange (NYSE:FTE)

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Games for feature phones

Orange has announced it will be the provider of HMV mobile games, a new mobile gaming service being launched by the UK media retailer on 26 March.

Users of some high-end smartphones, like the iPhone or Android-based ones, will have become accustomed to downloading all kinds of software, including games, from their respective app stores. Access to games for many other phones, however, is rather more haphazard.

The HMV service will be available to ‘all customers on the major UK networks' and will be compatible with Java enabled handsets, so this appears to be targeted at phones a bit further down the complexity scale. Games will cost between a quid and a fiver. The cost will go straight onto Orange phone wills an onto others via Payforit.

"It will also allow us to increase our reach in mobile gaming and build on our success as the number one mobile gaming operator in the UK," said Stephen Harris, Orange UK biz dev director. "Our partnership with HMV is a key part of our strategy to grow and evolve our business, while giving consumers even more convenient ways to play games on their mobile phone."


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