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HP dv2 finally available in the UK

by Scott Bicheno on 7 April 2009, 16:33

Tags: Pavilion dv2 (mains), AMD (NYSE:AMD), Hewlett Packard (NYSE:HPQ)

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Yearning for Yukon

AMD spoke exclusively to HEXUS about its new Yukon platform back in November last year. VP of advanced marketing Pat Moorhead explained that the low power notebook platform would allow good performance in a thin and light notebook at an affordable price.

The first OEM to take the plunge with Yukon was HP, with its Pavilion dv2 notebook. We were formally introduced to the dv2 by AMD's Ian McNaughton at CES 2009 at the start of this year, but there has been no sign of it since.

Well now there is. If you go to HPs UK site you can now buy one for as little as £499, but you will still have to wait for a minimum of two week for it to turn up. The dv2 has yet to make an appearance on HP's recommended retailer list.

There are three models on offer as shown in the screen shot below. They all run on the Athlon Neo 1.6GHz CPU, have a 12.1 inch screen and weigh 1.7kg. The second screen shot shows the different models available, but there appear to be some anomalies in the specs, or is it just us?



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First thought is.. price.. ouch! £600 for the spec we really want from this thing.

Second thought.. did they not say this was coming with an external blu ray drive? Where's that?

Come on dell.. pick up this chipset and do something worthwhile with it :)

If it were £500, had dedicated graphics and blu ray, fine. But you will pay £600 + £150 for that.. and I'd rather not.