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Intel and ASUS team up for consumer notebook design website

by Scott Bicheno on 29 October 2008, 17:55

Tags: ASUSTeK (TPE:2357), Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

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People's PC

Despite having armies of their own techies, Intel and ASUS are turning over the job of designing notebooks and netbooks to the punters, via a new website called WePC.com.

The idea seems to be that you lark about on the site - experimenting with specs, materials and case art - then submit your ideas to the nascent community where everyone can argue over the pros and cons of your idea.

The ultimate aim appears to be to create a "global conversation about the ideal elements of PCs". The product sub-sections will be notebooks, gaming notebooks and netbooks. The two companies "hope" to make a consumer-inspired product from each category.

"By empowering WePC.com users to play a role in the design process, we expect to deliver cutting-edge community-designed products that address a consumer vision of the dream PC," said director of ASUS' marketing planning division Lillian Lin.

We would like to hear from anyone who's taken the time to explore the site. Is it any good? Let us know in the HEXUS.community.

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