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HP launches new ultra-portable business notebooks

by Scott Bicheno on 18 August 2008, 15:50

Tags: Hewlett Packard (NYSE:HPQ)

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Small but not cheap

Hewlett Packard has launched three new ultra-portable notebooks that have dared to target the high quality, high price market in the middle of sub-notebook fever.

The three models are the EliteBook 2530p, the EliteBook 2730p and the HP Compaq 2230s. "HP continues to distinguish the EliteBook brand with sophisticated, innovative designs that combine military-standard durability with easy-to-use features and the right levels of performance," said Keith LeFebvre, who's in charge of notebooks for HP in the US.

The EliteBook 2530p is a 12.1-inch model that weighs around 1.5kg. You can either go for a 1.8-inch HDD plus an optical drive or just have a 2.5-inch HDD. HP claims the Illumi-Lite LED display improves battery life by up to 90 minutes.

The EliteBook 2730p weighs a couple of hundred grams more and is a tablet model that is just over an inch thick. The 2230s weighs 1.85kg and is also 12.1-inch. You can see its full spec here, but we're still chasing HP for the full specs of the EliteBooks.

We currently only have US pricing but, again, we're hoping to find out the UK situation soon. The HP EliteBooks won't be available in the US until early September and are expected to cost around  $1,499 for the 2530 and $1,670 for the 2730. The 2330 is already available in the US, starting at $999.


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