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Tesco hits 500K Hudl tablet sales, now working on a successor

by Mark Tyson on 18 April 2014, 14:15

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Tesco has announced that its budget Hudl tablet has surpassed the 500,000 sales milestone. The supermarket giant also noted its intentions to launch a successor model later this year, according to plans in its 'preliminary result 2013/14' financial report.

Priced at £119, the 7-inch 1440x900 screened Hudl tablet was launched back in September 2013 and sold 300,000 units by the start of December. It features 16GB of storage which is expandable with an additional 64GB via a microSD card slot. The Tesco Hudl comes with Android Jellybean 4.2. The tablet also works as a gateway to Tesco's digital services including Blinkbox movies and TV, music and Clubcard TV, banking and shopping for groceries alongside the native Google Play store.

"This [financial] year we launched the Hudl, our very own tablet," said Tesco in a statement, According to PCR-Online. "It was recently named winner of the ‘ReThink Retail Technology Initiative of the Year’ and we plan to launch a second device later this year." However, we are still awaiting further details regarding specifications, pricing and release dates.

Strong online sales

The supermarket also reported an 11 per cent rise in online sales since last year, being the only good news in the supermarket's poor annual financial results headlined by a 6 per cent fall in profits to £3.3bn, during the year ending 22nd Feb 2014.

The company outlined plans for multi-channel growth at its Investor Day in February, V3 reports, this includes expanding its mobile offerings and putting aspects of the Internet of Things into practice. Tesco is also said to be building a digital development centre in London to improve its web services and gain technology skills.

Chief executive at Tesco, Philip Clarke said: "We are transforming Tesco through relentless focus on providing the most compelling offer for our customers. Our results today reflect the challenges we face in a trading environment which is changing more rapidly than ever before. We are determined to lead the industry in this period of change." Clarke went on to say that Tesco was focussing on high-returning overseas developments in the Far East and has completed an exit from the US.

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Its a shame they didnt keep it up to date with android really, Hopefully the next one will have a little more GPU oomph
Yeah it's a good tablet for the price, bought one for my son for xmas. Totally agree with Biscuit, a bit more GPU power would be good. It handles most games but the really demanding games it really struggles with. Overall a great tablet still
Well done Tesco.
Well done Tesco for firing a serious warning shot at Samsung and the other Android makers - that cheap can also mean good quality.

Shame their food doesn't equal the same value.
There are two in my household, one for each of my boys, we paid for one with Tesco vouchers, so it was half price (£60), making the already low price even better.

They are great little tablets. On of my sons uses his for all sorts of casual games, which work fine on it. My other son mostly uses it for Netflix.

I will be interested to see what Tesco add with their device refresh. My guess is they will add a 3G version so they can bundle SIM cards and contracts and continue making a profit on the thing after it goes out of the door.