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Netflix launches fast.com internet connection speed tool

by Mark Tyson on 19 May 2016, 14:01

Tags: Netflix

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Netflix is very interested in internet connection speeds and promoting net neutrality. In pursuing this interest, the premier subscription-based movies and TV streaming firm has just launched a new tool to help users worldwide check how fast their internet connecting is performing (downstream).

Fast.com is an extremely simple tool to let users quickly check up on their internet download speeds. Simply going to the ad-free site instigates the test, which will take just a moment to complete – there's no user prompts, boxes to check, or form fields to fill. Furthermore this is a pretty useful speed test if you are called to test someone else's machine or net connected device as it requires no plugins and is equally at home on the likes of PCs, mobiles and consoles etc.

Even on my slow-ish connection the test had completed by the time I switched to the fast.com website tab.

In a blog post Netflix VP of content delivery architecture, David Fullagar, explained the utility value of the new site: "When you’re experiencing streaming issues, fast.com allows you to check the download speeds you’re getting from your Internet service provider." Fullagar noted that fast.com uses Netflix servers and should produce a result that is very similar to rivals such as speedtest.net in most cases.

The new tool joins several other internet utilities published by Netflix. The site publishes a monthly ISP leaderboard, broken down by its operating regions. Here is the UK leaderboard. Earlier this month Netflix introduced mobile data stream controls so you could perhaps lower the streaming quality, to stay within your mobile data plan limits, for example.

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Hmmm, well it seems quicker than speedtest, for better or worse, though doesn't have a ping test like speedtest does. It's very much speed at a glance rather than plotting to a graph to monitor for spikes like speedtest does, but I can see it having a use.

That said, on my 250Mbps connection its rounding to the nearest 10. I guess when you're at a high speed like that you perhaps don't care about the 6Mbps over 240 or whatever, but I would like to see it regardless. Especially as at times it has said 250Mbps, when I've never seen a full 250 on speedtest.net, which suggests there may be some rounding going on at the higher numbers.
Looks good for a quick glance at the download speed.

For anything more than that, I've seen testmy.net mentioned as a better (and non-Flash) alternative to speedtest.net recently.
Dunno how accurate these things are tbh.

Virgin service paid for 100mb

Speedtest : 102mb
Fast: 48
testmy: 13
Won't go over 97Mbps on my 1Gbps connection, but does the job as far as Netflix streaming is concerned.
I think the idea of this is for netflix to show if your isp is throttling your netflix streams.