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Annual Google Zeitgeist reveals top trends of the year

by Mark Tyson on 18 December 2013, 18:30

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Google’s Zeitgeist, an annual look back at the most popular search terms around the globe, first started back in 2001 and the latest edition for the year 2013 has now been published. Users can explore top searches on Google’s interactive site which includes an interactive 3D global map, a tool which allows users to discover trends within individual cities around the globe.

The main list has been split into two this year, with 'Trending' being topics with the largest increase in search volume since the previous period and 'Most searched' showing results of search topics with the largest search volume. Google has charted “over 1,000 top ten lists, ranging from most-searched individuals, through TV shows, to gadgets.” Users can also change the country variable for these charts which offers another interesting aspect to this information.

Some late-2013 trends include searches triggered by the recent high-profile deaths of Paul Walker, Nelson Mandela and Cory Monteith – find these in the top 10 of the ‘People’ section in the UK. Other death-related topics which drove users to search on Google for more information include events such as the Boston Marathon bombings, Typhoon Haiyan and the murder trial with athlete Oscar Pistorius. However on a brighter note, our royal baby is the no.7 on ‘Top Trending’ searches.

Apple's iPhone 5S tops the global ‘Consumer Electronics’ chart with the Samsung Galaxy S4 following close behind. In third and fourth place, Sony’s PS4 takes the lead from Microsoft’s Xbox One, winning the next gen console race by this metric. Is this a sign of Sony's console gaming dominance to come?

It is also interesting compare searches from different countries just by changing the country relevant to the charts. For instance, the question which tops US’s ‘How To’ chart is ‘How to tie a tie’ rather than ‘How to make pancakes’ for Brits.

Curious? Why not head over to the site now and see what the top crazes in the digital world have been during 2013.

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I always find the zeigeists to be quite interesting. Though 2012's video is still pretty tough to top.
I look at it and think yep…did that, and that, and that too. But wheres Superduperporn and xxx videos on the list? I must have put that in the top 10 at least.
Yeah, I can't help but think things like this leave out searches for Granny wants it bad or Nuns behaving badly.