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Google Drive boots-up

by Alistair Lowe on 24 April 2012, 19:10

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Over the past few months, we've been following reports of the immanent release of Google's new Cloud storage service, Google Drive. From today the service is officially open for business, with users able to sign-up for 5GB of free storage or subscribe for more space at a monthly fee.

As part of its basic offering, Google Drive integrates with Google Docs, allowing for collaboration on documents, spreadsheets and presentations, with full revision support. It's now also possible to add and reply to comments with other users over any shared file. Aside from web-browser access, Google Drive also has clients for PC, Mac and Android, with iOS apps to follow in the near future. 

One feature that makes Google Drive stand out from the crowd, is its advanced file search capabilities. Aside from the powerful keyword search that is to be expected of Google, it is also possible to search for text in scanned documents thanks to Cloud-based OCR; it's even possible to drag-and-drop an image to have Drive search for the closet match. Google states that the tech is in the early stages and expects it to improve rapidly.

Over 30 file-formats will open natively in the Drive browser, amongst which are Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and HD video. Google is also working with third-party developers to bring apps that will enable users to perform tasks such as, sending faxes, edit videos and create website mock-ups directly from Drive.

No doubt our readers are interested in Google's costs for space, well here they are:

Drive Storage Gmail Sorage Picasa Storage Cost Per Month
5GB 10GB 1GB Free
25GB 25GB 30GB $2.49
100GB 25GB 100GB $4.99
200GB 25GB 200GB $9.99
400GB 25GB 400GB $19.99
1TB 25GB 1TB $49.99
2TB 25GB 2TB $99.99
4TB 25GB 4TB $199.99
8TB 25GB 8TB $399.99
16TB 25GB 16TB $799.99

We've supplied prices in dollars as this is how they're charged. At current exchange rates, from 25GB to 1TB, prices work out at £1.55, £3.10, £6.20, £12.40 and £31.00 respectively. Google Docs file-types do NOT count towards storage consumption in Drive.

Setting aside free storage for recommendations and affiliates, prices come in significantly lower than popular alternative, DropBox, which charges $19.99 per month for 100GB. Microsoft has been a little sneaky and appears to have waited for early indications of Google's pricing in an attempt to undercut the firm, which it does successfully, charging $4.17 per month for 100GB and, more competitively, $2.08 per month for 50GB; however the firm requires a yearly subscription and currently does not offer storage beyond 100GB.

Will you be signing up for Google Drive?

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I might sign up only to get the extra Gmail space, only 7Gb by default.

Although I use Dropbox I don't like having to have a separate folder dedicated to the service. It means if I would like to use both Dropbox and Google Drive I'd need to have 2 copies of my files on the same drive to get them synced with both services… I think Ubuntu One is going to be my primary cloud storage solution because of the passive sync feature allowing me to have the folder structure I want not limited by an application specific folder.
I was already paying $5 a year for 20Gb picasa storage and that has been upgraded to 20 extra Gb in drive as well for no extra charge :)
I was already paying $5 a year for 20Gb picasa storage and that has been upgraded to 20 extra Gb in drive as well for no extra charge :)

i do wonder if that will auto renew as its no longer available according to my account, i expect them to mail me in 11 months to tell me i have to change to paying per month.

shame i cant get it yet, it tells me its not active on my domain even though it is.
excellent :)