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YouTube details first TrueView results

by Hugo Jobling on 13 June 2011, 12:17

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True to form

YouTube introduced TrueView in December last year, offering advertisers the option of only paying for pre-roll averts that are actually viewed, in exchange for enabling users to skip the adverts if they don't want to watch them. Now the preliminary results are in on how successful the scheme has proved, and it looks good - the majority of users don't skip ads, and those that chose to watch an advert tend to be more engaged with it.

Speaking at a the Media360 conference, YouTube's sales director Bruce Daisley revealed that on average only 30 per cent of users chose to skip pre-roll adverts when given the option, and those users that do watch the advert are 75 per cent more engaged that those forced to. YouTube believes that TrueView encourages advertisers to create adverts that resonate better with users by delivering compelling adverts, not relying on gimmicks to draw in viewers.

According to Daisley: "TrueView challenges the old models and for the first time advertisers can see how often their ad is being skipped and it gives the media agencies the chance to challenge the creative execution, by simply pointing out that a certain ad is less effective than the previous one, simply because the user hasn't viewed it as much."

That users who chose not to skip an advert are more interested in watching it, and thus more likely to be receptive to its message, may sound like common sense, but it's never a bad thing to have hard, cold facts and figures available. If YouTube's advertisers are driven to create higher quality adverts as a result of TrueView, it can only prove a good thing for its users.


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A similar idea could be used on websites - a button to turn all those horrible flash banner ads into simple text ads. People would be less inclined to AdBlock everything then.