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Zuckerberg named Time magazine's Person of the Year

by Sarah Griffiths on 15 December 2010, 15:48

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Facebook voted best place to work

Meanwhile, Facebook has also been named Glassdoor.com's best place to work in its Employees' Choice Awards.

While Google has been offering huge incentives to employees not to defect to Facebook, it seems the company's size and potential IPO payout is an enticing proposition for engineers.

In fact, Google is ranked at number 30, while Apple is the 20th best place to work, according to the survey. Adobe is further back in the pack and trailed by Intel in 39th and 45th place respectively.

Interestingly, despite a less-than-flattering portrayal of Facebook's boss in The Social Network film, Zuckerberg got a 96 percent approval rating from his employees, while Steve Jobs got 97 percent from his workers.

Facebook received a 4.6 out of 5 point score from the job seeker website, based on employee surveys, which rated the company on 8 categories including employee morale, work/life balance, senior leadership, compensation and benefits as well as career opportunities.

One Facebook operations engineer wrote: "Facebook is amazing. Working here offers the best environment I have ever seen in a workplace. The job is all about cooperation, not competition. The Facebook culture, office design, and management styles all support this."

He said the only con was: "With the small number of employees, everyone is expected to change the world."

Free food, dry-cleaning, freedom and snacks were also listed as benefits, while some employees noted that the company moves so fast it ‘can get a little crazy'.

Here are the top 50 companies to work for, as chosen by the website.


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