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UK domain registrations grow in face of economic downturn

by Sarah Griffiths on 5 November 2010, 15:26

Tags: General Business

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Welsh Woes

Meanwhile, Caribbean tax haven the Cayman Islands has beaten Wales to secure the domain name of .cym.

Campaigners in Aberystwyth involved in the DotCYM project have lost their battle to secure the domain with regional identity for Wales despite 4 years of preparing a formal bid for the suffix, according to Wales Online.

Instead.cym will be used from now on for websites based in the Cayman Islands and the MD of DotCym has urged supporters to come up with a new idea for a Welsh domain.

Siôn Jobbins reportedly said: "It is disappointing but the bid is very much alive. The internet is growing every day and it is only a matter of time until .com runs out of available addresses so new domains will be created. We are therefore asking people what they would like the Welsh domain to be. Do they want .wales or .cymru for example?"

The group, that was set up in 2006 was backed by the Assembly government to the tune of £20,000 in 2008.

At the time deputy first minister, Leuan Wyn Jones called the move "a strategic approach to put Wales on the world map and enhance Welsh culture and identity on the worldwide web. Proper internet status for our nation will open up new marketing opportunities and help promote the Wales brand."

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