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Google's year-end Zeitgeist reveals 2008's most popular searches

by Parm Mann on 11 December 2008, 12:50

Tags: Google (NASDAQ:GOOG)

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Apple's iPhone topped the list of fastest rising search items on Google in 2007, but it's nowhere to be seen in 2008. This year's annual Zeitgeist has revealed Google's fastest-rising search queries and it suitably reflects the U.S. election.

That isn't to say that President-elect Obama is once again victorious, though. The senator's surname is only the sixth most-searched-for query, behind the late Heath Ledger - star of the year's biggest blockbuster, The Dark Knight.

Topping the global list is the losing Republican Party's vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin, followed by "beijing 2008" and "facebook login" in second and third places, respectively.

In the UK, "iplayer" became the fastest rising query of the year, but the most popular searches remain dominated by social networking websites with Facebook and YouTube featuring in the top three. In a year of economic depression, the term "jobs" also entered the top 10.

The UK's top-ten results in various categories are detailed by Google as follows:

Fastest Rising Most Popular Politicians (Most Popular)
  1. iplayer
  2. facebook
  3. iphone
  4. youtube
  5. yahoo mail
  6. large hadron collider
  7. obama
  8. friv
  9. jogos
  10. wiki
  1. facebook
  2. bbc
  3. youtube
  4. ebay
  5. games
  6. news
  7. hotmail
  8. bebo
  9. yahoo
  10. jobs
  1. gordon brown
  2. david cameron
  3. barack obama
  4. tony blair
  5. sarah palin
  6. john mccain
  7. george osborne
  8. alistair darling
  9. boris johnson
  10. nicolas sarkozy
Recipes (Fastest Rising) Finance terms (Fastest Rising) Hottest tickets (Fastest Rising)
  • cupcake
  • meatballs
  • rocky road
  • crumble topping
  • eaton mess
  • pork belly
  • rhubarb fool
  • lemon posset
  • honey comb
  • beer batter
  1. icesave
  2. hot uk deals
  3. natwest
  4. hmrc
  5. hbos
  6. money saving expert
  7. halifax
  8. barclays
  9. rbs
  10. lloyds tsb
  1. oasis
  2. leonard cohen
  3. ac/dc
  4. the ashes
  5. steve coogan
  6. sos
  7. oliver
  8. gladiators
  9. tina turner
  10. nickleback

For global results, please refer to the official 2008 year-end Google Zeitgeist website.

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