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IT pros expect Macs to replace PCs at an 'unprecedented rate'

by Mark Tyson on 11 December 2015, 10:01

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A recent survey of IT professionals has found that Apple is in the ascendency in the enterprise. JAMF Software's second annual global survey of IT pros suggests that "Mac will continue to replace the PC at an unprecedented rate" as its share of the market reaches a 20-year high at 8 per cent. Apple is also increasingly strong in education.

Chart from IDC

ComputerWorld makes reference to the JAMF survey and has some thoughts on why the Mac is becoming increasingly popular for enterprise deployment. To begin with we hear that 67 per cent of the IT pros surveyed by JAMF believe that Macs will cut deeper into the PC share of the market in the next three years. The background to this adoption rate increase is thought to come, in the main, from two factors; platform support cost reductions, and the user choice programs offered by companies.

IBM research figures indicate that there is a $270 per employee yearly support cost reduction in using Macs rather than PCs. Another positive point supporting a rational business decision to buy Macs is that IT pros mostly agree that Macs (75 per cent) and iOS devices (82 per cent) offer more security compared to other platforms. That would again bring platform costs down, as a reduced security rigmarole and infection fighting costs would come from supporting Macs.

Considering user choice, JAMF Software's vice president of product management and marketing, Dave Alampi, told ComputerWorld that "As organizations continue to implement user choice programs, more and more employees are choosing Apple devices for work because this is what they prefer in their everyday lives". Furthermore Alampi points out that choosing Mac doesn't mean eschewing Windows, thanks to excellent virtualization software like VMWare Fusion or Parallels being available to OS X users.

ZDNet points out that the JAMF survey might not be considered typical for the industry, as JAMF specialises in supporting Apple hardware and software in the enterprise. Thus the vast majority of its 500 IT pro survey respondents worldwide have Macs in their organisations. For that reason I haven't quoted JAMF survey figures for the percentage of enterprises supporting Macs and iOS devices.

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lol sure ok then “experts”
So the malware scene for macs has always been lesser than Windows. Arguably due to the sheer volume of Windows users outweighing the market; It makes financial sense to create malware that will exploit the majority.

If these “Experts” are right…. We will truly, finally get to see just how good macs are as the balance is changed

I hope they crumble. I dislike how a tech company can overcharge so hard, and poor mugs buy into it. It's all about the design though right? Ā£500 additional for design…..I digress.

Maybe they can spend all that cash on some anti malware R&D. Who knows. Rant over.
Useless graph. Not many people had proper PC's by 1995 anyway. If you looked at a similar graph of PC units sold over the same period it would be a 100x steeper curve.
Well this doesn't tally with the company who I work for, we have a mixture of PCs and Macs. The Macs are generally for the sales guys, so they can show off at their meetings with customers. However I know of at least 1 tech that uses a Mac.

Due to the problems of supporting 2 different platforms and some interesting Mac quirks, the decision has been made to go 100% PC when the machines are being replaced.

Of course I've been on a PC since I started.
I actually use both these days. Like what seems 90% of Hexus readers I used to be totally Anti-Mac but over the last few years I stopped fighting for the sake of it and starting with the Phone, then the tablet and later the watch started to use their products.

I recently also purchased a MacBook Pro for when I am out and about and for me it's all about the integration. My phone, tablet and laptop all just work together.. and that is just invaluable for me. Say what you will about Apple (and I largely agree, even now) but their stuff just works and integrates.

Would I ever ditch my main PC rig… hell no
Would I go back to a windows laptop with an android phone.. not for all the tea in china

Bottom line, Apple have invented the Pencil for the 21st Century… you know it is used for writing on paper and you know that it will always write on said paper..