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Dell launches new commercial desktops

by Scott Bicheno on 4 March 2010, 09:42

Tags: Dell (NASDAQ:DELL)

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Upturn optimism

Of all the OEMs, Dell has possibly been the worst hit during the global recession due to its heavy exposure to the corporate market. Conversely, we can expect to see it claw back market share if, as expected, companies start investing in IT again.

Of course, they won't necessarily go to Dell, so it needs to make sure it has a compelling offering, something its most recent launch will contribute to.

The OptiPlex 980 is being hailed as its most powerful and energy-efficient commercial desktop yet by Dell, claiming up to 35 percent more performance than previous generations, greater energy efficiency, and the Full Monty of Intel vPro remote management features if you want them. Specifically, the options include Intel Core i5 and i7 CPUs, SSDs, 90 percent efficient PSU and EcoKit noise reduction.

The other launch - pictured below - is the Dell FX100 zero client solution. This is a remote client that uses PC-over-IP technology to communicate with a central hub, and thus doesn't need a processor, OS or corporate image.

The FK100 was previously only sold as an access device for the Dell Precision R5400 rack workstation, but it's now a stand-alone option that Dell says is ideal for both the Virtual Remote Desktop and Dedicated Remote Workstation solutions.


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