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Apple iPad to ship almost 13m units this year?

by Pete Mason on 22 July 2010, 11:27

Tags: Apple iPad, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), iSuppli

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Can't get enough of iPad

It was once said that if anyone could find a market for a tablet, it would be Apple.  Now that the iPad has been released and is selling like hotcakes, it seems that even market research firm iSuppli underestimated how successful the device would be.  This week, the analysts increased their predictions to say that gadget will ship 12.9 million units this year, up from a previous estimate of only 7.1 million.

According to the firm, interest in the device outstripped even its own optimistic numbers.  Now, iSuppli's director of monitor research, Rhoda Alexander, suggests that "the only limitation on iPad sales is production-and not demand".  Apple recently took steps to increase manufacturing for the iPad, meaning that boosting the outlook makes some sense.  However, Alexander goes on to comment that "Apple could further increase its 2010 production goals, but it risks sacrificing some quality control in that effort", implying a potentially massive demand for the device.

Continued growth is expected through the next few years as well.  The firm is predicting shipments of 36.5 million units by the end of next year and 50.4 million by the end of 2012.  Of course, Apple is expected to face increased competition as we head towards winter, when companies like Dell, Lenovo and HP, among others, are expected to release a bevy of Windows and Android tablets.  However, if there's one thing that Apple has never struggled with, it's maintaining momentum in the face of competition.  To this end, the analysts expect a refresh of the product next year that will add new features, including the rumoured camera for video conferencing.

Can the iPad keep up with this pace, or will sales drop off once the Apple hardcore all have one?  Can it really move 50 million units in the next two years?  Let us know what you think in the HEXUS community.

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It would be interesting to see the comparison figures for things such as netbook and laptop users in the world.

50Million tablets to be sold in a 36 month period sounds reasonable, but will all those sales belong to Apple? I can't see that happening. Once other makes start flooding the market which no doubt will offer more and be cheaper models.

The big selling point would be to businesses, but in my experiance and rounds, Apple products (other than Macs for music and graphics) are not considered business friendly in the working enviroment.

In twelve months time I think we will see a trend much like mobiles at the moment, Android driven pads / tablets will explode with sales and uptake.
50Million tablets to be sold in a 36 month period sounds reasonable, but will all those sales belong to Apple?

I'm reading it as 100 million in 36 months - 13 million 2010, 36 million 2011 and 50 million 2012.

I just can't see this happening in the real world. The iPad 2 and 3 will need to be very compelling indeed to drive that sort of adoption.

I'm not even sure Apple is selling 50 million iPhones a year at the moment so I find it really hard to believe they would be selling more iPads in 2012 than they are selling iPhones now.

How can a novelty item like an iPad sell in such quantities? They must be expecting a huge upturn in the world economy to enable that many people to go out and spend hundreds on pounds on a toy.
How many sales to unique people though?
The iPad is selling really well for apple, its already bigger revenue than the ipod,
and half as much as the mac: