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DSGi adds to retail gloom with announcement of £30 million loss

by Scott Bicheno on 27 November 2008, 14:11

Tags: PC World (LON:DXNS)

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Woolies, etc

It's been a bad 24 hours for UK retailing, with Woolworths ending its 100 year love affair with the British High Street and venerable furniture chain MFI also hanging up its hat. There have also been lower profile casualties like 247electrical.co.uk.

While these retail casualties are being viewed in the context of the global recession, DSGi and Woolies, at least, have been struggling for a while. Both are victims of the times, with more modern, efficient operations consistently muscling into their market.

While Woolies has called in the administrators, DSGi is still in the process of its "renewal and transformation plan" as it attempts to reshape itself into a 21st century company. With it being relatively late to the internet game and with new competitors like Best Buy on the horizon it certainly has its work cut out.

DSGi's shares are down seven percent to 13p, at time of writing. They were trading at more like 100p at the start of the year.

We would like to hear your thoughts on the demise of Woolworths and the struggles of DSGi. Will Woolies be missed? Do you think DSGi can succeed in its transformation plan? Let us know in the HEXUS.community.


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oh dear. I use DSGi for all my OS licensing, they are pretty good to be honest.
PC World are ridiculously expensive for basic computer stuff - e.g USB extension lead from CPC costs £3.50 - the only item PC world sell is the expensive Belkin option, at £24.99. I also have my doubts about the idea of selling computers like washing machines or TVs - I don't know anyone who's actually bought a computer from them - but then most of my friends are PC-literate!
This is dam good news. After working for the DSG group for many years and some spent in and around Pc world, I would love to see the company go to the wall…..

Stupid prices, poor customer service, rubbish products… How they've survived this long is a mystery.
I got my 1st pc from pcworld when i was 11 (12 years ago), my mum paid £2000+ for a compaq presario lol, remember them ?

Then I lernt how to build them and never went back :)

If I remember right it was pentium 150 MHz, 16 MB ram etc.

I even remember my 1st upgrade: 2x voodoo 2 sli lol, got them from pc world aswell.

Voodoo 2 in sli was awesome. I did this too with my Packard Bell iextreme or something like that. To think if PC worls goes then so does that crappy name packard bell… Another good thing..