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Target brings Tenda networking to the UK

by Scott Bicheno on 10 January 2011, 15:44

Tags: Target Components, Tenda

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Tenda moment

Castleford distie Target Components has announced an exclusive deal to distribute for Chinese networking company Tenda.

In an era when larger distributors have largely ignored lesser-known brands and smaller retailers, Target has embraced both - and prospered as a consequence. The past couple of years have been its best ever, despite the recession, and a big reason for this is its servicing of ‘the long tail'.

As well as ensuring good business, and loyalty, from smaller channel players, this strategy means Target is often the first to bring Far-Eastern tech brands over here. Another example of this is today's announcement.

Tenda seems to service primarily the consumer and SMB router market. Its USPs include low price and ease of use, although its marketing people are unlikely to favour the term ‘cheap and cheerful'.

"We are delighted to have Tenda on board," said Target's purchasing manager, Kelly Coxon. "Not only do they produce some of the most innovative and user-friendly networking solutions available, their universal 3-year product warranty proves their commitment to quality in such a competitive market. I am sure that Tenda will become as synonymous with excellent value networking in the UK as it has done in the Far East."

"Tenda has been looking for an appropriate distributor in the UK for a while now, and we have been impressed with Target's excellent track record in launching new brands." said Marvin Luo, Tenda account manager.


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Got to say my router is a cheap Tenda Wireless-N and it works prefectly and is easy enough to setup/navigate.
Erm… Ebuyer seems to stock alot of their stuff already ?
Erm… Ebuyer seems to stock alot of their stuff already ?

So do Microdirect.
Been using their metal gigabit unmanaged switches for a while now (ebuyer). They work perfectly and i got a pair for less than a single netgear 5 port gigabit switch would have cost. Really no excuse not to at least have the trunk of your network running at gigabut speed now switches are pocket money prices.