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VIP takes on GeIL DDR3 memory range

by Scott Bicheno on 7 August 2008, 10:31

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Memory upgrade

GeIL’s latest DDR3 memory range consists of Value, Ultra and XMP variants. Cheshire distributor VIP Computers announced today that it’s now stocking all three and this could mark a general shift in the direction of DDR3 for VIP.

Here are the figures:

Value series: Two 2GB versions, one 1333MHz, CL7-7-7-24 and the second 1600MHz, CL8-8-8-28.

XMP series: 2GB dual channel kit that clocks at 1600MHz, CL7-7-7-24. Includes Intel’s Extreme Memory Profiles (XMP). 

Ultra series: 2GB dual-channel kit clocks at 1333MHz, CL6-6-6-24 or 1600MHz, CL7-7-7-24. Apparently there’s also one that goes over 2GHz.

Danny Chiu, senior account manager at GeIL said: “GeIL is proud to announce the DDR3 Value, Ultra and Intel XMP products.  GeIL is honoured to be the only Taiwanese memory module manufacture, who has been invited to the XMP program by Intel.  GeIL will continue to strive for excellence in both product and service.”


Press release: VIP Unveils GeIL DDR3 Value, Ultra and XMP Series Memory


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