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NVIDIA issues dramatic revenue warning

by Scott Bicheno on 13 January 2009, 14:20


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Feeling the pinch

Graphics giant NVIDIA has issued a short statement significantly downwardly revising its revenue guidance for the quarter ending 25th January 2009 (Q4).

CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said in a November conference call that he expected Q4 revenues to be down around five percent, but this revision puts the sequential decline at a far greater 40-50 percent.

The only explanation given was that the decline is "as a result of further weakness in end-user demand and inventory reductions by NVIDIA's channel partners in the global PC supply chain."

NVIDIA said there would be no further comment until the Q4 earnings announcement on 10th February. Shares were down in pre-market trading.


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The current economic situation combined with AMD pushing prices to just about as low as they can go……not a great combination for nVidia I guess.
This is what happens if you sell workstation class cards for 13 quid ;)
This is what happens if you sit on your ass. If they spent the time they were on top to research a new card then they could sit on tech and not worry about the economy because no more RD will be spent as the cards already made. I do hope nvidia come back and dont go under but i dont want them on top any more, my card has issues with hdmi–> dvi cables which requires me to edit the driver which shouldnt be needed, not very happy and yet ati/amd have always given me a solid card with the last one being a 9600XT (played many games :P),.
This is what happens when you lie
AMD and Intel will likely post Q4 losses.
Not sure if anyone reads the news, Q4 wasn't exactly good quarter for many businesses.