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Nvidia enjoys record revenue, up 55pc from a year before

by Mark Tyson on 10 February 2017, 11:21


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Nvidia has just published its latest set of quarterly and full year financials. In what it calls it's Fourth Quarter and Fiscal 2017 results the green team had plenty to boast about. All its businesses other than OEM & IP (licensing) saw double digit growth in the last year with its gaming and data centre businesses providing particularly spectacular results.

In a summary set of bullet points Nvidia's better than expected results can be summed up as follows:

  • Record quarterly revenue of $2.17 billion, up 55 percent from a year ago
  • Record full-year revenue of $6.91 billion, up 38 percent from a year ago
  • Record quarterly GAAP gross margin at 60.0 percent, non-GAAP gross margin at 60.2 percent
  • GPU computing platform continues to power gains across full product line

The business of most interest to HEXUS readers, Nvidia's GPUs for PC gaming, still contributes more than three-quarters of its total revenue. This segment's business performance has been remarkable, up 57 per cent during the year. Furthermore, over the year, revenue from professional visualization was up 11 per cent, data centre soared 138 per cent, and automotive ascended 52 per cent. Analyst Patrick Moorhead Tweeted about how impressed he was with Nvidia's overall performance.

"We had a great finish to a record year, with continued strong growth across all our businesses," said Jen-Hsun Huang, founder and chief executive officer of NVIDIA. "Our GPU computing platform is enjoying rapid adoption in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, gaming, and autonomous vehicles.‎"

In a conference call post-results Huang said that he expects Nvidia to continue to enjoy growth in gaming as well as a near-term boom from its data centre business. Automotive looks like it needs a bit more time but is nevertheless still a positive right now.

Nvidia's stock value has risen from $25 a year ago to $116 today.

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Dear Mark Tyson, please, stop using “pc” instead of the proprer “%”…
I am not surprised that profits are up as we have been ripped off ever since the 500 series of GPUs. Nvidias prices have been going up and up with each new series of card I for one have stopped buying the top tier cards as a result of this.
This is why I am not too convinced AMD are going to have a massive success with VEGA, I hope it sells enough for AMD to turn a profit and get back into the game but I feel too many people have already invested in hardware that they won't be replacing for a couple of years at this point. I can see Ryzen being huge for them though, so it's not all bad.
I am not surprised that profits are up

I thought this was revenue, not profits.
Proof positive that AMD needs to step up their game. nVidia is just gonna keep getting more and more powerful as they release better and better cards to power our games!