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Lenovo offers help with WEEE

by Scott Bicheno on 30 October 2008, 12:39

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Green machines

Computer giant Lenovo has unveiled a new scheme to assist EMEA businesses with disposing of their technology products when they become obsolete, something they're legally obliged to do under WEEE legislation.

The scheme is called Lenovo Asset Recovery Service (ARS) (surely Asset Recovery Service for Enterprise would be a better name? - Ed) and covers computer take-back, data destruction, refurbishment and recycling. Lenovo is also offering to pay back 10-15 percent of the equipment.

"We are focused on greening the entire lifecycle of our computers, from increasing the lifespan and designing for upgradeability to improving energy efficiency and providing environmentally-responsible disposal," said Feargal MacConuladh, VP of services, for Lenovo EMEA.

The service is available immediately and pricing is calculated on an individual basis.


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