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OCZ Core Series SSDs to be available in the UK within two weeks

by Scott Bicheno on 2 July 2008, 14:24


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Solid pricing

As announced on HEXUS.net yesterday, performance memory outfit OCZ has launched a new range of SSDs (solid state disks) that look a lot cheaper than any SSDs currently on offer.

At time of writing we only had the US information on pricing and availability but in response to a number of queries from HEXUS readers we were able to contact OCZ for clarification on the UK situation.

An OCZ spokesperson was able to confirm today that OCZ UK customers, which include Ebuyer, Aria and dabs, will have the entire Core Series in stock by the second or third week of this month.

They also confirmed the approximate end-user UK pricing, which is as follows:

  • 32GiB - £125
  • 64GiB - £199
  • 128GiB - £349

A quick look around the net reveals Aria has it on pre-order for £293.69 (all prices inc VAT), dabs currently only features a previous generation OCZ SSD, which costs £668.98 for a 64GiB model but is out of stock. We couldn’t find any SSDs on Ebuyer at 14:00 today, but Play.com has a 128GiB one on pre-order for £319.99 and seems to be expecting stock on the 7th.

This marks a significant drop in the price of SSDs and could prompt a lot of other similarly priced products to be released soon. They’d better get a move on, because Intel is promising to enter the SSD market soon.

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On play pricing is: £117.99, £179.99 and £319.99 :)

I guess this would make a rather good system drive..
On play pricing is: £117.99, £179.99 and £319.99 :)
Ack.. pretty high UK markup.

I guess this would make a rather good system drive..
Yeah.. very nice small database sytem/game server too.
Well it's better than the quoted: 32GiB - £125, 64GiB - £199 and 128GiB - £349 in the article. But yeah, USD conversion anomaly expected.
How long do devices like this actually last as main system drives? (What with the limited write cycles inherent in SSD technology).