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MSI confirms 1st July UK launch for Wind

by Scott Bicheno on 27 June 2008, 17:45

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Joining the party

Richard Stewart, product marketing manager at MSI UK, has spoken to to confirm that the MSI wind will be available in the UK from 1st July.

“Initially it will be stocked by, Ebuyer and Morgan Computers and be distributed by Northamber,” said Stewart.

Stewart made it clear that he was expecting healthy sales of MSI’s first foray into the booming ‘netbook’ market, which is defined by being smaller and cheaper than conventional laptops. At an expected retail price of £329.99 inc VAT, the Wind’s price is at the top end of that scale, but Stewart insisted that this is justified by features like the ten inch screen and two year global warranty.

A look at the above etailers reveals it available as a pre-order from play at £329.99 and due for release on 30th June, no sign of it yet on Ebuyer, while Morgan is saying that it’s in stock and is selling it for £329.99 ex VAT, which is £387.74 inc VAT.

Some reports have the Wind not surfacing in the US until the 7th and, if they’re true, it will make a pleasant change for the UK to get something first.

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It doesn't seem like anyone is too interested in the MSI Wind…

No comments after 2 days on the top of the news page…

I've read somewhere else that the release price is going to be about the same as the 901, so it's only right to compare them side by side… This site has done it very well:

Comparative review of the 901 vs the Wind

I think the Wind is too big, while the 901 is keeping the size ultra mobile. The extra size of the Wind's 10“ screen is usless because it's the same resolution as the 901's 8.9”.

I think the 700's casing was a little too big for the size of the 7“ screen, but the 900/901's screen fills the casing really wellwhile still being an ultra portable size… I think the line to draw for a ultra mobile sub-notebook is 8.9”. When you go over that size to the 10“ of the Wind, why not just get a 12” or a 13". Look at the size difference in this photo (taken from the above review):

The Wind is an inch and a half wider for the extra inch in screen size. I really think they've crossed the line on size… it's more than 15% bigger. I realise it's not a huge difference, but that 15% bigger has crossed the line.

The other feature I'm looking forward to on the 901 is the multi-touch pad copied from ibooks, giving 2 finger scrolling and possibly zooming too?

I also like how the 901 looks like a notebook compared to other notebook designs :)
MSI are doing a 8.9“ version as well IIRC. That said I really don't trust MSI to do anything, ACER have more chance of getting my money and words don't describe how much I hate them :p

I actually like the look of the Acer (apart from the weird mouse buttons) but the uncreatively named Dell E will get my money if I think I need one of these things which now they have broke the £300 mark, I no longer do.

The 12” dell e slim doesnt look back either, better than the MSI anyway :)
i was excited by the msi wind until i realised the eee 901 was cheaper, with draft, n, longer battery, has SSD, more compact and released supposedly on the same date.

However the wind is thinner which for fitting in a note worthy feature.
ACER have more chance of getting my money and words don't describe how much I hate them :p

I've never been a fan of them myself either… they've always had a cheap build quality, and a cheap feel and look to them, and to support my feelings of them, anyone I know who's had one has at least 1 key that snapped off.

It's funny how the acer one isn't getting anywhere near as much publicity as the 901 and the wind… is it due to be released soon too? are there any pre-release reviews of it yet?
The fact that it comes with an HDD rather than an SSD is the sore point for me… I think using normal HDDs diverts fromt he idea of UMPC, no moving parts and all.

901 order is going in as soon as I see somewhere reputable with stock and a decent price.