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MSI debuts Funstar Pro in-car PC

by Scott Bicheno on 2 June 2008, 14:23

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Quiet journeys

Motherboard giant MSI is showing off a brand new product at Computex 2008 that offers individual, independent control of in-car entertainment options to each passenger.

The FunStar pro system is a PC built into the boot of the car and linked to touch-screens. The PC acts as a media server and each screen as a client – allowing each user to chose their own entertainment.

Here’s the official flyer from MSI


And here are some photos of the inside of the BMW SUV MSI's using to demo it.




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Seenms as though according to the flyer, having the MSI screen in your car will allow you to drive int he middle of a motorway on top of road railings!
At first glance, I thought they had made a PC just for me :D

Lets hope it's a bit more affordable than what is currently available. Oh, and a DAB add on would be great too….