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XP SP3 released to manufacturing

by Scott Bicheno on 22 April 2008, 07:42

Tags: Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)

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If it ain’t broke…

Amid the continuing teething troubles of Vista, a much less eagerly awaited service pack has been released for its ever-more-fondly regarded predecessor – XP.

Apparently, according to the press release, SP3 for XP ‘includes all previously released updates for the operating system, as well as a small number of new additions that should not significantly change the Windows XP experience.’

That’s nice. So what are they then? ‘For customers deploying Windows Vista, enhancements to Windows XP SP3 (such as Network Access Protection or NAP) will make it easier to co-manage Windows XP and Windows Vista within the same corporate environment,’ was all the release would give us.

It did say we could go here to find out more, but all release manager Chris Keroack’s forum post seems to say is that there will be more details when SP3 is made available to the public on 29th April.

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Were there not rumours of a speed increase?
Guess they'll be playing that one down if its true….
is this officialy released yet?
its been pulled, issues with something or other…
ahh because i could of sworn it was gunna be released on the 29th of april. are they gunna enable dx10? :P that would be sweet lol
are they gunna enable dx10? :P
Not a chance.