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Kingston Technology announces plans to enter retail market

by Parm Mann on 2 April 2008, 11:56

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Products to be sold at PC World, Staples and other retail partners

Kingston's entire product range, including formats for photo/video, USB, mobile and generic PC memory, will become available to high street customers as the California-based memory manufacturer today announced plans to enter the retail market.

Kingston hopes to customise its products in conjunction with its transition to retail, striking deals with major retailers such as PC World who will bundle exclusive content onto Kingston's retail flash products. Staples has been named as an additional retail partner, and more are expected to be announced.

Paul Leaman, European Retail Director, Kingston Technology, said:

"We are in an enviable position to move into the retail channel space, with 20 years insight and experience in the memory market.  Our goal is to become a market leader in the retail channel for our Flash and DRAM memory products.  To be able to offer competitive and bespoke packages as well as a high-quality spectrum of memory products, demonstrates the great opportunities we can make available to our retail customers."

Kingston states that its consumer-friendly retail line-up will consist of products such as:

  • The DataTraveler Style USB with its pre-designed and blank “skins” for the changeable skin casing
  • A complete mobile solution with the MicroSD Multi-Kit (with card, reader, miniSD and SD adaptors)
  • A variety of memory multi-packs
  • Kingston’s quality-assured DRAM retail memory ranges for upgrading and improving the performance of consumer desktops and notebooks

The plans to enter the retail market follow Kingston's 2007 revenues climbing to $4.5 Billion due to booming flash memory sales.

Official press release: Kingston Technology branches out into Retail

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Aern't they already available to retail customers at the likes of SCAN etc….

such as Kingston 2GB MicroSD cards.

At first I thought that they were opening Kingston stores but now I'm puzzled…
Workaholic, their products are available from e-tailers, but not at high street stores. That's what will be changing when they make their products available at the likes of PC World etc. Hope that clears it up! :)
Yeah cheers, it was just SCAN selling kingston in their stores messing with my head, until your expanation of “High street stores”