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Europe clears Acer/Packard Bell deal

by Scott Bicheno on 28 February 2008, 13:16

Tags: Acer (TPE:2353)

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Watch out HP

The European Commission has approved, under the EU Merger Regulation, the proposed acquisition of the Holland-based Packard Bell by Taiwan-based Acer.

It concluded that Acer swallowing up Packard Bell would not ‘significantly’ prevent competition in the European Economic Area, what with HP, Dell, Sony, Lenovo, etc all giving it a good run for its money in all areas.

Acer is currently the number two PC vendor in Europe behind HP. The Packard Bell acquisition puts it in a good position to overtake HP as well as keeping Lenovo, which had also been linked with Packard Bell, from buying a nice chunk of the European consumer market.

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…that saves time when telling people what brands of laptop not to buy. 5 syllables down into two :)