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Plusnet become first ISP to publish Key Facts Indicator on Traffic Management

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Press release

Following the voluntary code published by the Broadband Stakeholder Group last month, Plusnet is today the first ISP to publish standard information on traffic management including a key facts indicator table. This can be found here

This move continues Plusnet's on-going commitment to the honest reporting of traffic management, a practice it has lead the industry on since 2007, carrying information on the Plusnet website and clearly categorising by different broadband products.*

Jamie Ford, CEO at Plusnet said, "We fully support the move to standardise communication on traffic management.  For people using high bandwidth services, traffic management is extremely important and we use this extensively to ensure our customers get a reliable home service that at the same time is cost effective."  

"Traffic Management isn't simply about managing capacity at peak times, it is also about experience.  All of our products offer a prioritised VoIP service so that facilities such as Skype and FaceTime run smoothly in the home - even when someone else in the house starts web browsing or streaming a TV show."  

Plusnet also offers a package, "Plusnet Pro" for users who want to ensure the best possible internet experience.  This is ideal for gamers and home-workers who want a prioritised service because they use internet services requiring lower latency."

Jamie continued, "Traffic management offers us the ability to provide innovative services to customers.  For example, we simply don't charge for usage between midnight and 8am and a third of our customers are actively benefitting from this service - last month the average customer enjoyed 2.33GB of free download overnight, which is the equivalent of downloading 250 MP3s, an HD film or about 4 hours of standard definition TV."